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Mercedes SLK and SLK55 AMG colours guide and prices

December 11, 2015 by

The Mercedes SLK is a luxury two-seater roadster offering a wide choice of engines and a quality interior. If you’re buying one, selecting the exterior paint is a key decision affecting how quickly dirt will show up, how promptly you’ll eventually find a buyer for it, and how easily your car will be seen on the road.

Our colours guide for the SLK and its high-speed SLK55 AMG counterpart will guide you through the choices, along with the prices for each colour.

In all, there are three standard, three Designo and six metallic hues in the SLK’s palette.

If either model takes your fancy, be sure to use our Mercedes SLK and SLK55 AMG deals pages to get a great deal when you buy a new car with carwow. If the variety of colours and finishes on offer is a little bemusing, our paint types guide makes for essential reading.

Standard colours

Fire Opal – £0

This bright crimson is a Royal Mail red that will give your motoring some brightness without scaring off potential future buyers, since it’s a standard (and very popular) car hue. We’d envisage it performing it at least averagely in terms of how long it will stay looking clean between washes.

Black – £0

Black invariably impresses prospective purchasers, and is a smart, no-nonsense shade. This version is a glossy, deep black that will hide dirt for a long time. But steer clear of poorer quality car washes, which can leave ugly swirl marks in the paint.

Polar White – £0

White always stands out on the road, and invariably sells well, often better than just about any other hue. This version is a pure, dazzling shade that is going to take a lot of cleaning to stay looking its best. But it’s great that Mercedes offers it for free – some other manufacturers will charge extra for white.

Metallic colours

Cavansite Blue – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

This rich, dark blue will do better than most colours at hiding grubbiness, and will sell on very quickly when you need it to change hands. Blue is one of the most popular car colours in the UK after monochrome shades, after all. Given this particular version’s smartness and elegance, it’s an all-round good choice.

Indium Grey Metallic – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

This mid-range grey with hints of brown gives a sleek finesse to your SLK. It’s highly practical, too, given grey’s popularity as a vehicular shade and the ease with which you should be able to sell it on. Equally, its darkness means you ought to get away with fairly lengthy spells between cleans.

Obsidian Black – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

This intense jet black gives your drive more than a dash of elegance. With a colour this smart and popular, you won’t be hanging around long for a buyer, and the metallic flakes make it a deeper, more expensive looking black than the solid option above.

Diamond Silver – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

This ultra-modern, very fashionable hue will give your SLK a timeless look. It’s a good colour for resale, but if you cover lots of miles it may not be the most practical choice, since dirt will show up promptly.

Iridium Silver – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

This is a very similar colour to the Diamond Silver – if anything, it’s a touch lighter. This means that while your car will sell on briskly, and you’ll easily be spotted on the road, you will also need to be braced for frequent car wash visits or bucket and sponge sessions.

Selenite Grey – £645 (£0 on the SLK AMG 55)

As greys go, this is a relatively light shade. But if you thought grey was boring, think again. This one is smart and stylish and should do a better than average job of concealing grime. Equally, grey cars are right up there with monochrome in terms of popularity, so you’ll be able to sell it on easily come the time.

Designo paint colours

Hyacinth Red Metallic – £1,125 (£480 on the SLK AMG 55)

This bold tomato crimson looks especially good in the sleek metallic designo paint. And you’ll be adding some colour to your drive without frightening the horses or future buyers, since red is a perennially popular vehicular shade. It should offer a middling performance on the concealing grime front.

Diamond White Metallic – £1,125 (£480 on the SLK AMG 55)

This is the king of the white shades on the SLK. This snowy, dazzling white will set your SLK off to perfection thanks to the metallic particles in the finish, and as long as you keep it clean it’ll help you stand out on the road.

Cerrusite Grey Magno – £1,845 (£1,200 in the SLK AMG 55)

This is an incredibly sleek gunmetal grey with a gorgeous finish which, like the silver shades, will give your SLK a futuristic appearance. Reselling a car in this hue should pose no problems. If anything, would expect this colour to hide grubbiness for slightly longer than most.

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