MotorMutt – A clever used car search engine

MotorMutt has just gone live, launched by Dave Edmonston who’s a friend of our site. Dave is no stranger to building car sites, he built PistonHeads, which if youre a petrolhead you’ll likely have heard of.
MotorMutt is a used car search engine. At the moment it aggregates adverts for interesting cars for sale from around the web. So you wont find any boring Astras, or Golfs on there, its just got performance and classic cars.
We like the site because its so easy to use; its intuitive, well designed and we love the logo! Its very easy to filter through all the listings, unlike other classifieds sites. It also loads dynamically, just like our new car chooser, so no waiting around for pages to load.
Instead of having to select endless different filters you just type what youre after, in as much or as little detail as you like. So if youre after a 2005 Ferrari 360 Manual in grey then you can simply type in 2005 Ferrari 360 Manual grey. It’s as simple as using Google.
Motormutt is live, go check it out
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