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Nissan Note: colour guide and prices

April 22, 2015 by

The colour choices Nissan offers for the Note reflect its sensible character – there isn’t anything particularly wild on offer among the seven shades available. But which suits the car best? We’ve produced a handy guide to run you through what’s available and how much each costs.

Non-metallic colours

Traditionally car makers tend to offer one or two solid paint finishes priced lower than the alternative colours. Just because they’re the cheapest, doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t look smart though!

For a more in-depth breakdown of the different types of colour finishes available, take a look at our paint types guide to understand the difference between solid, metallic and pearlescent paint.

Storm White £250

The Note’s colour range starts with a basic gloss white. The Note looks nice enough in an inoffensive sort-of way and, if you’re not concerned by trying to stand out, you will be happy enough with this finish. Anyone looking for a slightly glitzier-looking paint job might be keen to splash out a little more for some other choices, though.

Metallic colours

By simply stirring thousands of tiny metal flakes into a colour, a paint shade can be transformed into something which looks much more expensive and desirable. You just need to make sure you keep it clean to get the maximum effect!

Blade Silver £500

A standard shade of silver. It’s hard to fault on most cars, really, and because it is such a popular choice, it should make the Note very easy to sell on when the time comes. It won’t stay as clean as darker colours but won’t be as bad as white either.

Gun Metallic £500

Dark grey tends to work extremely well on premium German sports saloons but, on a small car, we can’t help but feel that a more lively shade might be better suited. As with Blade Silver though, it should hold its value in the used market fairly strongly and keeping it clean shouldn’t be too costly.

Pearl Black £500

There are very few cars that don’t look good in black – it tends to do a good job of hiding any weird details, with an added bonus of masking any dirt and dust fairly well. Used buyers flock to black cars so you’ll have no problems here.

Force Red £500

One of the two non-greyscale hues available for the Note, Force Red should at least help your mini MPV stand out in the car park slightly better than the other alternatives here. As with the rest of the metallic options, it costs £500 to tix this box on the options list.

Sonic Blue £500

This light metallic blue adds a little colour to the Note range without drawing too much attention to itself. As with silver and grey cars, blue is a colour which always sells strongly, so it will be a fairly solid choice in terms of resisting depreciation.

Pearlescent paint finishes

By replacing metal flakes in the paint with plastic ‘Mica’ pieces, a pearlescent paint gives off an almost iridescent finish in bright light. Up close, they certainly look special.

White Pearl £750

It’s hard for the image above to do a pearl paint finish justice, but in the metal White Pearl does look far more expensive than the regular Storm White at the top of the page. That’s partly because it is – at £750, it costs £500 more than the solid white, and £250 more than the rest of the colour range. If you’re after a fashionable white for your Note, though, it’s more than worth the extra outlay.

Special packs

In addition to the seven colour options, Nissan also provides a couple of packs which aim to lift the Note with subtle detail changes. Combined with the right exterior finish, some of these can work really well!

Edge Pack (£200)

If you’d like to add just a little extra flash of colour to your Note, then the Edge Pack might be worth a look. The lower edge of both the front bumper and the boot lid can be finished in contrasting shades, including orange, purple and carbon fibre-look, each costing £200 (apart from the chrome finish, which costs £215) We’ve specced a White Pearl car with a red Edge Pack, for a sporty ‘mini-Nismo’ look.

Black style pack £650

Want to add a little menace to the Note? The Black Style Pack might just dio the trick. Black door mirrors and alloy wheels set off the small shape, lending it a slightly more moody appearance. The image above combines the pack with Blade Silver.

Worthy of Note?

If you’re happy with the colour, why not check out our full review of the Note? If it’s the car for you, then our deal checker will help you to get the best possible price on a brand new Note. For more options, take a look at our deals page to see our latest discounts.