Porsche Macan colour guide

December 17, 2014 by

Buying a car with carwow might be easy, but choosing the right colour can be extremely daunting. Make the right choice and your car will look great, age well and be easy to sell – pick the wrong shade and you’ll forever be cleaning it and have to beg to sell it. Fret not – carwow’s colour guide makes things simple.

With the Cayenne, Porsche proved that it isn’t just good a building sports cars with their engines in unusual places. And to take things to the next level, the Macan brings the same quality and performance to the compact SUV segment. Now you’ve decided to buy what’s easily one of the best handling compact SUVs, let’s have a look at the colour choices you get.

There are eleven paint choices, including a pair of no-cost, non-metallic paints. Other than that, the remaining paints are all metallic, two of which are special colours that cost £1,611 each while the metallics paints are available at £607.


Black (£0)

The no-cost black is almost a no brainer, especially if you want your Macan to look good. But on the flip side, being a solid non-metallic paint, it loses out on the shine that the Jet Black Metallic paint offers, and will be slightly troublesome to clean. While black still works well on most cars, spending a little extra on the metallic version makes more sense.

White (£0)

White is evergreen, and it’s a no-cost option on the Macan which makes it all the more interesting. The solid paint is devoid of the shine a metallic or pearlescent paint could offer, but that’s just a small grumble. Porsche offers only one shade of white, and the contrasting black parts on Macan’s body (the radiator grille, the air dam, and side moulding) make it look a bit more rugged, which is a good thing.

Metallic paints

Jet Black Metallic (£607)

The other black in Macan’s colour palette is this, the Jet Black Metallic. A £607 option, the paint suits the vehicle well. And since it has metal flakes embedded into the paint (thus making it metallic), it offers more shine than the no-cost black.

Rhodium Silver Metallic (£607)

Silver is a fairly common choice, mainly because it manages to look good on almost every car. The Macan, too, looks good in silver.

It’s not outright shiny, but the overall shimmer is pleasing. Small scratches aren’t easily visible thanks to the metallic nature of the paint, but if your commute involves frequent exchanges of paint then a different colour isn’t going to save you…

Dark Blue Metallic (£607)

This is a smart looking metallic shade of dark blue, which can look close to black in dim light. In fact, it gets the best of both worlds – blue makes it look good while the dark shade means it shines like it should. A lighter Sapphire Blue metallic is also available on the car.

Agate Grey Metallic (£607)

Grey rarely sets any car apart, but it’s not too shabby on the Macan’s sporty body. It gives it a grown-up air, which isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately it doesn’t really stand out, but on the bright side, it has a good amount of shine. The grey and black combination isn’t really contrasting, but if you’re looking for a slightly inconspicious paint, then this could be it.

Mahogany Metallic (£607)

Brown’s a surprisingly popular colour at the moment, and we like this rich, deep metallic take on the theme. Mahogany makes the Macan look rather grown up and premium, but it does take away from its appearance a bit though.

Sapphire Blue Metallic (£607)

The lightest blue on offer for the Macan, Sapphire Blue Metallic is one of our favourites. It makes the SUV appear a bit more cheerful, and if you aren’t going to take it to serious business meetings every day, this shade of blue should work well everywhere. The paint might be lighter than the other blue (Dark Blue Metallic, above), but it doesn’t look washed out like some like blues other manufacturers offer.

Palladium Metallic (£607)

Think of Palladium Metallic as a pale shade of gold, which won’t blind you with its brilliance but rather blend in with the surrounding traffic. Being a light shade, it helps the other coloured bits (tail-lamps, reflectors, side moulding, air dam and front grille) stand out a bit. Check one in person before you order it, but it could be a corker.

Special colours

Aurum Metallic (£1,611)

Aurum metallic is the bright gold shade and is one of the two special colours Porsche offers for a fairly significant £1,611 each. On an overcast day, it won’t stand out too much, but give it some sunshine and the bright gold will draw attention.

Impulse Red Metallic (£1,611)

This is a surefire way to make you Macan look as sporty as it drives. It’s not as bright as Porsche’s iconic Guards Red, but the Impulse Red is the only red paint available on the Macan and it looks decent. The price tag means the paint commands a lot of commitment, though.

Don’t like any?

Take a look at our colours guide for the Range Rover Evoque – one of the Porsche Macan’s chief rivals to see if you prefer any of its colour options.