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Renault Kadjar colours guide and prices

August 11, 2015 by

The Kadjar is Renault’s crossover/SUV rival to the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Volkswagen Tiguan and Mazda CX-5. It’s a stylish machine thanks to the swooping curves and creases that define the distinctive looks of modern Renaults.

Picking the right colour can make the difference between having an easily re-sellable car or one that requires constant cleaning and sends used buyers running. Here are the shades available on the Renault Kadjar along with their prices.

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Solid finishes

Glacier White – £0

The only no-cost option here, Glacier White is for those wanting a fashionable colour without the hassle of spending extra. Regular trips to the car wash will be a necessity but you shouldn’t have any problems when the time comes to sell the vehicle on.

Metallic finishes

Mercury – £525

For those wanting a traditional silver, Mercury will be the colour for you. The metallic flakes in the paint bring an extra slice of style when the sunshine hits it and compliment the prominent LED daytime running lights. It shouldn’t be hard to sell and it won’t need as regular cleaning as white cars.

Dune – £525

Dune is a light brown and is a great alternative to the usual greys, blacks and silvers. It contrasts well with the chrome around the windows and the badge on the nose. It won’t need regular washing but, while it won’t be difficult to resell, don’t expect it to sell quite as fast as black, white or silver cars.

Grey Titanium – £525

For those wanting gunmetal, Grey Titanium should be top of your list. It’s much darker than mercury and, as a result, won’t need to be washed as regularly. You shouldn’t have problems selling the vehicle so expect re-sale values to be good.

Diamond Black – £525

The darkest colour in the Kadjar’s line-up, Diamond Black is a classy shade and one which shouldn’t give you any problems when you sell it on. Be careful of swirl marks from cheap car washes, however, because scratches will show up more readily than lighter shades.

Cosmos Blue – £525

A handsome colour which compliments the Kadjar’s profile well. Of course, you should keep it cleaned and polished for the best effect but, in reality, it hides road grime pretty well. You shouldn’t have any problems when the time comes to sell on, either.

Special metallic finishes

Arctic White – £625

Arctic White is a little brighter than Glacier White and, thanks to its metallic properties, adds visual depth when the sun catches it. Like Glacier White, you’ll be on first-name terms with your local car wash manager but residual values will be high. Don’t expect any problems when you sell it.

Flame Red – £625

Flame Red is for the extroverts among you because it’s the boldest colour in the Kadjar line-up. It won’t need cleaning as regularly as white but needs to be kept grime-free for the best effect. We suspect demand will be fairly high on the used market because buyers aren’t as wary of bright colours as they used to be.

What next?

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