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Toyota Auris colour guide

With its smart looks, adequately spacious interior, and economical engine options, the Toyota Auris is regarded by critics as a decent choice for a mid-size family hatch. The Auris hatchback and Auris Touring Sports estate version make up the range, and can be ordered in any of the 11 colours available. But which is the right shade for you?

The regular Auris models get a choice of ten colours, but the only pearlescent paint (Pearl White) is reserved for the hybrid model. There’s just one solid colour and it’s the only no-cost option on the Toyota, while the rest are metallic and command a premium of £495.


Non-metallic or solid colours are generally offered as no-cost options. The downside with them is that they lack the shine that a metallic or pearlescent paint has. In case of the Toyota Auris, there’s just one solid colour available, and that’s Pure White.

Pure White (£0)

With its sharp-looking front end and similarly sculpted rear, the Toyota Auris gets the ability to look interesting in almost every colour. Pure White is the simplest of them all, and won’t add a penny to your invoice if you pick it. Does it look boring? No. Does it look striking? No.

But if you’re looking for anything interesting, we would suggest checking out the metallic colours available for the car.

Metallic colours

All the Auris’s metallic paints cost an extra £495 and are available across the range, except Tungsten Blue, which is available only on the ‘Icon Plus’ trim.

Tyrol Silver (£495)

A silver paint is bound to look okay on every car, and Tyrol Silver does the same thing. A silver Toyota Auris might look presentable, but won’t stand out on the road, which might be exactly what you’re after. On the plus side, silver is a non-polarising colour, so everyone in the family should have no problems with it.

Eclipse Black (£495)

This metallic black paint looks good on the Toyota Auris, especially on the higher-spec variants, which have chrome accents that go well with black. Here’s our usual caveat: black paint attracts dust, so keeping it clean might be an issue.

Vermilion Red (£495)

Bright red on a mid-size hatchback is good enough to spruce it up a bit. It doesn’t necessarily make the Auris look younger than it is, but red certainly makes it look a bit more lively.

Deep Titanium (£495)

Deep Titanium is one of the darker shades available for the Toyota Auris. This slightly blue-tinted shade has some character and the car benefits from it. Be it the hatchback or the Touring Sports estate, this shade suits the design well.

Island Blue (£495)

There are three blue options available for the Toyota Auris, and Island Blue sits between the lighter Zenith Blue and darker Tungsten Blue. We think this deep shade of blue gives the Auris a slightly more youthful appearance than the other colours, and it works equally well on the estate as well.

Aspen Grey (£495)

Although it’s a metallic paint, Aspen Grey doesn’t jump out at you unless it’s under bright showroom lights. Like Tyrol Silver, this one is likely to be easily accepted, but as far as desirability goes, a slightly darker shade of grey would have looked much nicer.

Zenith Blue (£495)

The lightest among the shades of blue, Zenith Blue looks good on the Auris, but it fails to stand out, unless caught by bright morning light. The other shades of blue on offer look a little more interesting in comparison, but this one will hide winter road grime pretty well.

Avant Garde Bronze (£495)

A far cry from the regular set of grey and silver paints, the Avant Garde Bronze is a likable colour. It looks exceptionally well and gives the Toyota Auris a distinguished personality. Since it’s neither too light nor too dark, the character lines on the car are easily visible and that helps in making the Auris appear more desirable.

Tungsten Blue (£495)

Available only on the ‘Icon Prime’ trim, this exclusive shade is more tungsten than blue. It isn’t one of those colours that you generally find on cars, but it sure looks stunning. It shines a lot, and comes with an extra bit of exclusivity.

Pearlescent colours

Pearlescent colours shine more than metallic and solid colours, and tend to exhibit a slightly different shade when viewed from different angles.

The Toyota Auris gets just one such paint, called Pearl White, and it’s only available on the hybrid variant of the car.

Pearl White (£650)

It’s not just the great mpg figures and reasonably low CO2 output that you get with the Toyota Auris Hybrid. The list of exclusives also includes this handsome Pearl White paint, which looks better than the non-metallic Pure White owing to the extra shine that the pearlescent finish offers. A £650 option, the paint certainly helps the hybrid version stand out. You can see more pictures of this colour in our Toyota Auris Hybrid review.

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