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World’s hardest car quiz answers

Our world’s hardest car quiz has really been living up to its name. All across the internet, forums are buzzing with petrolheads who are suddenly questioning their car-geek club membership, unable to bag that magic 100 per cent score.

Don’t feel too badly – it was an exceptionally tough quiz. If you did get full marks without cheating then bravo – and if you didn’t, here are the answers to guide you on your way.

Stay tuned, however – the fearsome carwow quiz will return.

The answers

1) Chevrolet Corvette

2) The bus has the same rear lights as a McLaren F1.

3) The blurry, flame-spitting car is a McLaren P1.

4) The Mazda Starpon isn’t a real car.

5) That knob is from the Volvo XC90

6) The Hyundai Equus’s rear-seat champagne holder isn’t a real optional extra – it’s standard!

7) The Alfa Romeo 4C’s steering wheel isn’t connected to a power steering system. The Lotus wheel is from the Evora, which has power steering (sorry)…

8) Parking brake warning light.

9) The fourth headlight along.

10) Audi A3 Saloon.

11) Ford Fiesta’s engine.

12) 64.

13) Lexus LFA. Look at the number of exhaust outlets on each car. The Fiat 500 has one, the Mini has two and the Pagani Huayra has four. The bonkers Lexus fits the pattern with its three-exit exhaust.

14) That’s the steering wheel from a BMW 235i.

15) Pagani Huayra.

16) Honda S2000.

17) True – the BMW i3′s carbon fibre is made in the USA. How green!

18) Speaking of green, C is Verde Ithaca.

19) Bentley Mulsanne.

20) That’s the silhouette of the Ferrari LaFerrari.

21) Porsche 911.

22) The fourth wheel in the sequence isn’t on an Italian car – it’s a fancy optional wheel available on the Skoda Octavia vRS.

23) Koenigsegg.

24) Nissan GTR.

25) B – it’s the fuel filler on Jaguar’s F-Type Project 7. C is a Ducati 1199 Panigale, in case you were wondering.

Glutton for punishment?

Try the world’s hardest car quiz again… see if you get 100% now!

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