2019 BMW 3 Series Touring: Everything you need to know

Matthew Mills
June 12, 2019

The new BMW 3 Series Touring has been revealed. Here is everything you need to know about this Audi A4 Avant estate alternative.

  • Revealed

    2019 BMW 3 Series Touring estate

  • Specs include

    3.0-litre, 374hp, six-cylinder engine

  • Price and release date

    from £34,000; late 2019

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring price and release date

As an estate version of the standard BMW 3 Series saloon – and an alternative to the likes of the Audi A4 Avant you can expect the 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring to start at around £34,000. A top-of-the-range, four-wheel-drive M340i xDrive petrol, meanwhile, will almost certainly set you back more than £50,000.

The new BMW 3 Series Touring will go on sale later this year.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring styling

To bring the 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring in line with the rest of its recent range, BMW has given the estate leaner-looking headlights and a flat, wide grille. This is in contrast to the car’s taller and wider back end. The result is that the 3 Series Touring looks a bit like a Kardashian, with pretty, narrow ‘eyes’ and a large rear end.

Along the side of the 3 Series Touring is the classic BMW Hofmeister kink at the base of the rearmost window pillars, which has been a key component in the brand’s exterior designing since 1961.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring specs

The 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring range offers four trims: the SE, Sport, M Sport and UK-only M Sport Plus Edition. Despite being the entry-level version of the estate, the SE still offers a lot of kit, including 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic lights and wipers, three-zone climate control and a six-speaker, 100W stereo system. The Sport version has 18-inch alloys, exclusive jet-black trim details and heated front sports seats.

M Sport models get a beefed-up bodykit, high-gloss black trim details and heated leather spots seats. In the UK, the range-topper is the M Sport Plus version. Intended to be a sportier variant of the 3 Series Touring, it has 19-inch alloys as well as uprated brakes and an adaptive suspension system.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring engines

The 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring offers three petrol and three diesel engines for you to choose from. The most economical of these is the entry-level diesel: the 2.0-litre 318d, which can return up to 65mpg – or so BMW claims. It isn’t exactly sluggish, either, since it puts out 150hp and can sprint from 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds. The subsequent 320d engine – available with two- or four-wheel drive – reduces the fuel economy to less than 64mpg, but is over a second faster to 60mph. The 330d is the fastest diesel engine, accelerating from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds, but its claimed fuel economy maxes out at 52mpg.

Both the 320i and 330i petrol engines are slower and less economical than the top-spec diesel unit. However, if you’re a speed freak, then the M340i petrol engine should be your port of call. It’s a 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbocharged beast armed with a 374hp power output, an eight-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive. It can take the 3 Series Touring from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds and has claimed fuel economy of 40mpg.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring driving

When compared to the outgoing model, the 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring has a body that’s 25% more rigid. This promises to make the car feel more agile when you’re driving in fast corners. The optional M Sport Plus package enhances the drive even further. It gives you the ability to stiffen the suspension for sportier performance and provides variable sport steering, which can sharpen up the car’s responses on a twisty road.

2019 BMW 3 Series Touring interior and infotainment

The 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring, as standard, gets a 9.0-inch infotainment screen with voice control functionality that isn’t dissimilar to the Siri in your iPhone. Just say “Hey, BMW,” to wake it up and then, for example, “I’m cold,” for it to turn up the heating. Like other BMWs, the 3 Series Touring has the iDrive system, which has been lauded for its crisp display and how easy it is to control.

Opting for an M Sport model of the 3 Series Touring gives you a 10.0-inch iDrive infotainment screen, which can connect to the internet. This lets the system go the extra mile, using the satnav to find you a free parking space or check on local fuel prices.

In terms of practicality, the new 3 Series Touring has a 500-litre boot, which outdoes the Mercedes C-Class Estate’s for storage space, although it can’t quite match the 529 litres of space you’ll find in the back of a Volvo V60. Fold the back seats down and those 500 litres triple, resulting in a 1,500-litre capacity. The car’s wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) has been lengthened to 2,851mm, ensuring plenty of room for four adults inside of the cabin.

2020 BMW 330e Touring hybrid

The 2019 BMW 3 Series Touring will get a 330e plug-in hybrid version next year. The petrol-electric estate pairs a 2.0-litre, 184hp engine with a 68hp electric motor for a total power output of 252hp and a 0-60mph time of 6.1 seconds. BMW claims that the 330e hybrid will return up to a seriously impressive 156mpg. However, you should take this statistic with a pinch of salt large enough to grit the M25 for a year. It can, however, travel 37 miles on battery power alone and is exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge.

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