New Ford Puma ST Powershift revealed: everything you need to know

March 09, 2023 by

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The new Ford Puma ST Powershift has just been revealed. You can think of it as a Puma ST-light, with the same sporty chassis setup but a smaller engine and slightly less power. Read on for all the details.

  • New Ford Puma ST Powershift revealed
  • Less powerful version of the Puma ST
  • 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine with 170hp
  • Automatic gearbox only
  • Same suspension upgrades as the standard Puma ST
  • On sale later this year

This is the new Ford Puma ST Powershift. It gets all the same suspension and chassis upgrades of the full-fat Puma ST, only it has an automatic gearbox and a 1.0-litre engine with mild-hybrid technology.

This alternative to the Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris Cross will go on sale later this year.

New For Puma ST Powershift engine

The main difference between the new Ford Puma ST Powershift and the full-fat ST is under the bonnet. In place of the 1.5-litre turbocharged three cylinder, this car uses a tuned version of the 1.0-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine from the standard Puma.

It puts out 170hp. That’s 30hp less than the normal ST, and as a result it’s slightly slower to 60mph. The 1.5-litre Puma can do 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds, whereas this new entry-level version completes the sprint in 7.4 seconds.

This 1.0-litre version is also only available with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, as opposed to the normal ST which only comes with a six-speed manual gearbox.

See what Mat makes of the Ford Puma in the video below…

Those who like their sporty SUV to sound good are catered for, because the ST Powershift has the same adjustable sports exhaust as the 1.5-litre model.

New Ford Puma Powershift suspension and driving

Just because the new Ford Puma ST Powershift is less powerful than the standard car, it doesn’t mean you miss out on the handling upgrades. This new model shares all the same suspension and steering components as the 1.5-litre ST.

This means you get lowered and stiffened suspension to reduce lean through the corners, as well as a faster steering rack to make it feel more agile than the standard Puma.

The automatic gearbox also means you can get some driver assistance tech which you don’t get on the standard car. For example, you can have adaptive cruise control which can bring you to a complete stop, as well as nudge you along in stop-start traffic.

New Ford Puma ST Powershift design

To look at, the new Ford Puma ST Powershift is exactly the same as the standard ST. You get the same deep front bumper with massive air intakes, as well as an ST-specific grille with red badging.

Down the side, you still get 19-inch alloy wheels and chunky side skirts. This Azura Blue is also unique to the Powershift model.

Around the back there’s the obligatory hot-hatch spoiler and twin tailpipes, along with a more aggressive-looking lower bumper.

New Ford Puma ST Powershift interior

Step inside the new Ford Puma ST Powershift and you’ll be hard-pressed to tell it apart from the standard ST.

You get the same body-hugging bucket seats and flat-bottomed steering wheel, with some red stitching and fake carbon fibre trim further lifting the cabin. You get a digital driver’s display as standard as well.

How much will the Ford Puma ST Powershift cost?

The new Ford Puma ST Powershift is expected to go on sale later this year, possibly at the start of the summer.

Expect it to be a bit more affordable than the standard Puma ST, with a starting price of around £27,000 likely.

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