New Lexus LM revealed: everything you need to know

July 24, 2023 by

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This is the new Lexus LM, a luxury minivan to provide an alternative to more traditional luxury cars like the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls Royce Cullinan. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Lexus LM on sale now
  • Prices start from £89,995
  • Deliveries start in November
  • Bold-looking luxury minivan
  • Available with either four or seven seats
  • 48.0-inch screen in the rear

The new Lexus LM is on sale in the UK now, with prices starting from £89,995 and first deliveries in November.

LM stands for Luxury Mover, and this is certainly a posh MPV. You can have two super-comfy armchairs in the rear, as well as a 48-inch screen to keep you entertained.

How much is the new Lexus LM?

The new Lexus LM starts from £89,995, and there are two versions available: the standard car and the Takumi.

New Lexus LM standard equipment

The standard Lexus LM starts from £89,995 for a front-wheel-drive car, or £92,995 if you want all-wheel-drive. As standard, you get 19-inch alloy wheels, power-adjustable front and rear seats, a 14.0-inch screen in the rear and a dual sunroof.

New Lexus LM Takumi

You’ll have to pay out £112,995 for the Takumi model, and you get a lot more luxury for your money. There’s a 48.0-inch screen in the rear to keep your passengers entertained, two captains chairs in the back with massage functions and a 23-speaker sound systems.

New Lexus LM design

Most minivans are pretty bland to look at, but not the Lexus LM. It certainly isn’t your typical family bus.

Up front you have a massive grille with the classic angular shape you’ve come to expect from Lexus. You also have some sleek LED headlights with pointy daytime running lights.

It’s difficult to disguise the boxy profile of a minivan such as this, but Lexus has done its damndest to keep it looking interesting. The LM is covered in bold creases and complex contours, and the trim around the windows gives the illusion of a floating roof.

Around the back you have a slightly curious-looking full-width light bar. It almost looks as though it was straight, but they left it in the sun for too long and it started to melt. The massive roof spoiler is also very un-minivan-like.

New Lexus LM rear seats

The main talking point for the Lexus LM is not the mad styling, it’s the back seats. You can have a seven-seater version, however it’s the four-seat model which will really grab your attention.

You get two big, comfy captains chairs which have been designed to be both comfortable and supportive. They also recline, you have a leg rest and the headrests are even heated to keep your neck warm.

Once you’re sitting comfortably, you can start to play with the 48-inch cinema screen. That’s right, you get a 48-inch screen with a 23-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system to keep you entertained.

The driver’s area features a large touchscreen, as well as some nice-looking materials

It can either be used as one widescreen, or it can be split in two so both rear passengers can watch different things. There are two HDMI ports in the back, meaning you can plug in a games console if you want, or you can stream your favourite shows from your smartphone.

The new Lexus LM is also available as a seven-seater

To make sure you can hear your favourite movie, the LM is fitted with lots of sound deadening. You have special noise-reducing wheels and tyres, and there’s active noise cancellation to keep the cabin nice and hushed.

You get an overhead console with some storage, as well as controls for the power-sliding doors

The partition between the rear and the driver’s area has also got plenty of soundproofing, and the glass partition can be blanked out if you don’t want to look at your chauffeur.

You won’t have to speak to the driver either, because between the two rear seats is a touchscreen to control things like the climate, audio, sun blinds and your ambient lighting. If lifting a finger seems like too much effort, there are also voice commands exclusively for the rear-seat passengers.

New Lexus LM engine and performance

Choosing an engine for your Lexus LM is as effortless as being driven around in it, because there’s just one option.

See what Mat makes of the Lexus NX in the video below…

You get a 2.5-litre petrol hybrid setup, a bit like the one found in the Lexus NX and RX. It puts out 250hp and 239Nm of torque.

Lexus hasn’t given a 0-60mph time for the LM, but that’s not really what a car like this is about is it? After all, if you launch it too hard then your passengers will spill their champagne and you’ll lose your chauffeuring job pretty quickly.

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