2019 Mercedes CLA/CLA Shooting Brake price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
November 09, 2018

The 2019 Mercedes CLA and 2019 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake will be hitting showrooms soon. We have all the latest on the cars’ price, specs and release date

We’ve already spotted the upcoming 2019 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in a heavy disguise, but now our spy photographers have captured the 2019 Mercedes CLA four-door coupe with very minimal camo. It will have a similar size to the A-Class Saloon but the styling will be a tad svelter, mimicking that of the CLA’s bigger brother – the CLS four-door coupe.

2019 Mercedes CLA/CLA Shooting Brake price and release date

The 2019 Mercedes CLA is expected to be revealed at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January so expect it go on sale in the spring. The more practical Shooting Brake will likely be available in late summer. Expect to pay £27,000 for the four-door coupe, while the Shooting Brake will command a £1,000 premium.

2019 Mercedes CLA/CLA Shooting Brake design

Looking at this barely disguised 2019 Mercedes CLA prototype from the front it’s easy to spot the angular nose and LED headlights that resemble the larger CLS, and will help mark the CLA out from dowdier A-Class saloon.

The CLA Shooting Brake will have the same front end as the four-door coupe and both will get a large Mercedes badge that houses the radar used for the car’s self-driving cruise control and a closing grille that helps aid aerodynamics.

A swept back roof and pillarless windows mark the CLA out from other Mercedes saloons and those brakes look suspiciously large – perhaps hinting this particular prototype is a performance variant such as the expected 306hp CLA 35.

Even if you don’t go for the performance model, the CLA will also be one of the most aerodynamic cars you can buy – just like the current model – the aforementioned grille, breathers ahead of the front wheels and underbody cladding will help the car push through the air to aid performance and fuel economy. Even the Shooting Brake version, which has an estate-car style boot and taller roofline for more interior space, will benefit from clever aero.

Around the back of the four-door coupe, a subtle spoiler lip can be spotted sitting above angular LED brake lights, you can expect the Shooting Brake to also get a rear spoiler. Mercedes’ recent trend for slapping fake plastic exhausts on the back of ALL its cars is something neither version of the CLA is likely to avoid.

2019 Mercedes CLA/CLA Shooting Brake specs

While on paper both versions of the CLA are likely to have bigger boots than the A-Class, in reality, only the Shooting Brake – with its tall, square load bay – will offer more usable room.

Up front, you can expect to find a large hump – housing the gearbox – between the two low-set seats, helping make you feel low and cocooned, while the dashboard will be available with a variety of expensive looking trims and optional glowing ambient lighting. The pretty, turbine-style air vents found in the A-Class will also form a focal point of the CLA’s centre console.

While the Shooting Brake looks like a sporty estate car…

For more hints about what to expect from the interior – the current A-Class tells you all you need to know. Expect both CLAs to be available with a variety of infotainment screens, with the top-of-the-range system providing two widescreen displays and the cool – and also very intuitive – augmented sat-nav directions that make it look like the sat-nav’s route has been laid onto the actual road.

…The regular Mercedes CLA will be more of a four-door coupe

Engines will be carried over from the A-Class so the 2019 Mercedes CLA will be available with a high-tech 160hp 1.3 petrol in the CLA200 that’s spritely but also cheap to run. If you fancy more pep then the 306hp AMG CLA35 4Motion will keep pace with most hot hatches, while the AMG A45 4Motion – which is rumoured to be getting an electric turbo and at least 400hp – will blow them away.

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