Mercedes EQA price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
November 03, 2018

The Mercedes EQA will be the smallest car in the company’s all-electric EQ line-up – keep reading for its price, specs and release date

This is the Mercedes EQA a four-wheel drive electric car that will sit below the EQC SUV in the German firm’s range. Keep reading for the car’s price, specs and release date.

Mercedes EQA price and release date

The Mercedes EQA is about the same size as the company’s entry-level A-Class, but its high-tech electric motors and batteries mean it’ll cost rather a lot more. It’s too early to say exactly how much more, but a price tag of £40,000 sounds about right – that means it’ll cost you roughly £10,000 more than a mainstream electric car such as a Nissan Leaf, when it goes on sale in 2020.

Mercedes EQA specs

Merc is likely to play it safe with the Mercedes EQA’s styling so if you yearn for the spaceship-for-the-road look of the BMW i3, chances are the EQA won’t scratch that itch. If you like the idea of keeping things subtle, though, step this way – the production car’s looks are likely to mirror that of the Concept EQA’s (pictured). So, it’ll look like an A-Class but with a blanked out grille, distinctive LED lighting, subtle EQ badging and unique wheels.

The way the EQA drives is likely to more of a revolution than how it looks. For one, its electric motors will be almost completely silent – making the electric Mercedes an extremely relaxing car to drive in town.

No noise doesn’t mean no performance, though, with the equivalent of 270 horsepower – about what you get in a Hyundai i30N Performance hot hatch – and the instant torque of its electric motors, the Mercedes should offer a 0-62mph time of around six seconds. And, with no gear changes to worry about and a clever, computer-controlled four-wheel-drive system laying the power onto the road, achieving that time will require no more effort than pushing your foot to the floor and hanging on.

Take the opposite approach, be gentle with the throttle, and the EQA is supposed to be good for a range of around 250 miles.

What else can we expect? Well, as is common with all electric cars, the Mercedes EQA is expected to get a spacious interior thanks to the neater packaging offered by an electric motor and batteries. Expect to get a completely flat floor in the back that’ll free up plenty of space for two tall adults and a boot that is square and easy to load.

The EQA is sure to get a pair of huge infotainment screens and Mercedes’ MBUX operating system with an advanced voice activation system. The sat-nav, meanwhile, will have features unique to the EQA – such as an ability to factor in the car’s range and recommend stop off points for charging if needs be – and features you get in other Mercs, including the brilliant augmented reality sat nav directions from the A-Class.

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