Updated Alfa Romeo MiTo Hits The UK

What am I looking at?

The latest incarnation of Alfa Romeo’s smallest model, jazzed up with a few more colours, some extra tech and a spicier version of Fiat’s award-winning TwinAir engine.

What does it replace?

It doesn’t so much replace the previous MiTo as improve upon it in a few key areas. The styling is largely unchanged and therefore as pretty/odd (delete as appropriate) as it’s always been. An actual MiTo replacement probably won’t be around for some time yet.

Alfa Romeo MiTo red

So what’s new?

There’s an extra splash of chrome on the grille, some titanium-coloured light surrounds, tinted windows and a small selection of new colours. One of those is ‘Matte Magnesio Grey’, which sounds cool but Alfa hasn’t provided a picture. Expect everyone to continue to buy them in red or black, the MiTo’s two most popular shades.

What powers it?

Big changes for the MiTo’s littlest engine, as the twin-cylinder TwinAir unit gains a power boost from 85 to 105 horsepower. You won’t hear us complaining – we found the engine just a little underpowered when we drove it last year. The 0-62 time drops by a second and claimed economy remains 67.3 mpg, with free road tax. Other engines include 1.3 and 1.6 diesels, a 1.4 MultiAir petrol, and the Quadrifoglio Verde‘s turbocharged 1.4.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Twinair

Anything else?

Alfa says it’s improved the plastics and interior finish and a new Uconnect touch-screen infotainment system is available. Start-stop, a leather wheel, aircon, alloys and more are standard across the new streamlined trim levels Sprint, Distinctive, Sportiva and Quadrifoglio Verde.

How much will it cost me?

A not-unreasonable 14,350 for the TwinAir in Sprint trim. Around 500 extra gets you the basic diesel, and even the Quadrifoglio Verde comes in at a fiver under 19,000. The TwinAir and the 1.3 diesel are both free to tax, which is handy.

What could I buy instead?

Where do we start? The MINI is the MiTo’s most likely rival on badge kudos. From left-field, we’d pick the Fiat Panda – its engine range is largely similar to the MiTo’s less potent units, but it’s cheaper, more practical, and equally cheeky.

Alfa Romeo MiTo dials

When can I buy one?

Right now – the 2014 model year MiTo is already on sale in the UK

In a line?

Boosted TwinAir engine makes the quirky supermini more compelling.

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