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2015 Ford Mondeo – what tech to expect

The fourth-generation Ford Mondeo is ready to hit British roads, only two years after it had its US launch. Despite its delayed arrival, the new car gets a smorgasbord of technology to help keep it competitive with the new Volkswagen Passat and updated Mazda 6.

To keep things simple, Ford has distilled all the most exciting new tech into the handy infographic below. It’s divided the points into four sections focusing on engineering, driving, safety and active technologies.


Ford is keen to show how it’s incrementally reduced the Mondeo’s weight by applying new manufacturing methods to chassis construction. A stiffer bodyshell, improved aerodynamics and a pair of new engines complete the highlights.


The brand details its new adaptive damping system which, combined with the new rear suspension, will make for better on-road dynamics. A new electric power steering system aims to reduce lane-drifting while adaptive four-wheel drive can now be specified.


Passengers unlucky enough to be involved in an accident can rest easy in the new Mondeo as the seat belts have airbags built into them. Massage seats claim to reduce muscle tension and the new SYNC 2 infotainment system is fitted.

Active technology

The new Mondeo features parking assist that can park in parallel, in a bay and reverse back out again. Adaptive front lighting means you can always see where you’re going and pedestrian detection applies the brakes if it thinks you’re going to run someone over.

You’ve checked the tech, now check the spec

Read our full reviews of the 2015 Ford Mondeo and Mondeo Estate before committing to either – also, check out its rivals – the Mazda 6 and Volkswagen Passat. Once you’ve decided which you like, head over to our car configurator to choose yours.

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