2021 Fiat Panda price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
March 11, 2019

The 2021 Fiat Panda is set to be the first car to bring electric power to the masses. Read on for all you need to know on the car’s price, specs and release date

  • Unveiled

    2021 Fiat Panda concept

  • Specs include

    personalisable interior and electric power

  • Price and release date

    from £12,000; early 2021

2021 Fiat Panda price and release date

With plenty of small car alternatives on offer, you can expect the 2021 Fiat Panda to have a competitive starting price of around £12,000 – the electric model will likely cost quite a lot more than that. Given that the car shown in Geneva was purely for show, you’re not likely to see a production-ready version until the end of 2020, at the earliest.

2021 Fiat Panda specs

Fiat is a specialist when it comes to building reasonably priced cars that are bursting with charm – something that’s clear from the Centoventi concept that’s widely tipped to preview the 2021 Fiat Panda.

What does the concept tell us? Well, it tells us that the Panda is set to get a boxy shape that’ll allow it to get as much interior space as possible from its tiny size. Those large bumpers will help keep repair costs to a minimum if the Panda’s exposed to parking bumps and scrapes and the LED front and rear lights will help it stand out at night. Some of the concept car’s other features – its scrolling advertising billboard (a ploy that’ll allow you to sell space to advertisers) and it’s rear-hinged back doors – are much less likely to see it through to production, but you can still expect the car to be highly customisable.

The show car’s interior does look close to a serious production version. It’s crammed full of handy storage spaces and its modular design means you can choose to fit and remove features – such as storage straps and Bluetooth speakers – as and when you need them. Even the car’s seats can be slotted in and out – so you can swap them for a baby seat or remove them altogether for carrying big loads. And the Panda concept’s flat floor means you should be able to fit a surprisingly large amount in there despite it actually being slightly smaller than the current model.

That flat floor comes about thanks to the neat packaging of the electric motor in the 2021 Fiat Panda. With only one speed, there’s no need for a gearbox that would usually eat into passenger space. Fiat’s tight-lipped about exactly what form the motor and battery in the 2021 Fiat Panda will take, but it’s likely it’ll have battery compartments that’ll allow you to boost the car’s range from 60 to more than 300 miles simply by sliding additional batteries into position.

All this comes with a large caveat – as yet no one’s been able to offer a mainstream EV in this price bracket so it’s entirely possible that the 2021 Fiat Panda will be electric ready, but will initially be offered with a petrol engine while the company waits for electric power to be financially viable.

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