New Skoda Elroq teased: six new EVs from Skoda by 2026

April 25, 2023 by

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Skoda has teased a whole bunch of new electric cars which it plans to release over the next few years, including a compact SUV to replace the Karoq and a sub-£22,000 hatchback. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Skoda Elroq SUV teased
  • One of six new EVs from Skoda by 2026
  • Updated Enyaq also teased
  • £22,000 hatchback also coming
  • New Skoda electric estate coming in 2026
  • Electric seven-seater SUV also on the horizon

Skoda has got some big plans for the next few years, including six new EVs to be released by 2026.

The new Skoda Elroq SUV is coming by 2024, and a heavily-revised Skoda Enyaq will make an appearance in 2025, along with a 22,000 hatchback.

New Skoda Elroq teased

The first new EV to come from Skoda will be the new Elroq. This SUV is due to be revealed in 2024, and it’ll replace the existing Skoda Karoq in the lineup.

These renderings are the only glimpse of the design for now, however you can see elements of the Skoda Vision 7S in the design. That front visor looks similar to that car, and it looks as though the rear lights will take inspiration from the Skoda Enyaq.

Not much is known about the Skoda Elroq’s motors or batteries just yet, however it’s likely to share parts with the larger Enyaq. Entry-level versions of that car have a 62kWh battery with 246 miles of range, so you can expect this to be improved in this smaller, lighter car. It may get much closer to 300 miles of range.

New Skoda Enyaq facelift coming in 2025

Hot on the heels of the new Skoda Elroq will be facelifted versions of the Skoda Enyaq and Enyaq Coupe. Styling changes will be in line with the Elroq and the Vision 7S concept, however not much is known yet about changes to the powerplant.

The new Enyaq is likely to retain the same single and dual-motor setups available in the current car, along with the 86kWh battery pack. Range may be improved slightly from the 339 miles you can get from the current car though.

New Skoda EV hatchback coming in 2025

Also coming in 2025 is a new small electric hatchback. The name for this car isn’t known yet, however Skoda has said that it’ll cost around 25,000 Euros. That’s around £22,000.

It’s highly likely to share parts with the recently revealed Volkswagen ID. 2all concept. That car has a 226hp electric motor on the front axle, and has up to 280 miles of range. This would put the Skoda in line with cars such as the MG 4 and Kia Niro EV.

Design-wise, this new hatchback is pretty well disguised for now. You can just about make out the more angular shape than the Volkswagen concept car, and it seems to have a full-width light bar across the bonnet.

New Skoda electric estate car

Looking ahead to 2026, Skoda is going to reveal its first all-electric estate car. This model does not have a name yet, however the EV wagon market is pretty sparse at the moment, with the MG 5 being the only other real contender.

Like most electric cars from Skoda, this new estate is likely to share parts with other EVs from Volkswagen such as the new ID.7. This means it could use a 77kWh battery with up to 435 miles of range.

New Skoda Space SUV

The last of these new electric models from Skoda will be a seven-seater SUV based on the Skoda Vision 7S concept from last year. It’s just called the Space for now, an official name for it is yet to be confirmed.

The concept had a bold new design with rugged details, such as the chunky front bumpers and black plastic cladding. You also got a sleek new headlight design, and the word Skoda is now spelled out across the bonnet in place of a badge.

The interior was just as outlandish as the exterior, however don’t expect those captains chairs or the rear-opening back doors to carry over to production. You’re more likely to see a more traditional three-row SUV. Think electric Skoda Kodiaq and you’re on the right lines.

The Skoda Vision 7S concept had an 89kWh battery with 373 miles of range, and you can expect to see similar numbers from the production car. You may also be able to get 200kW fast charging to top up from 10-80% in just under half an hour.

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