Renault Kadjar interior

There’s enough space in the back for your six-foot tall friends to get fairly comfortable but the Renault Kadjar’s interior is far from exciting – even with its standard digital driver’s display


The Renault Kadjar is based on the Qashqai, but doesn’t look anything like the Nissan inside. The dashboard and doors come with an equally soft, squidgy plastic covering, but the Renault’s simple, minimalist design feels a little bit classier than the Nissan’s rather cluttered dashboard with its chintzy metallic plastic trim.

Besides a set of three climate control dials, there are very few knobs and buttons to play with in the Renault Kadjar. Thankfully, this means it’s all dead easy to use when you’re driving – besides the oddly-placed cruise control buttons down by the cupholders, that is.

You’ll find a few cheap plastics down on the centre console, too, but the majority of the Renault Kadjar’s materials feel nice and plush – if not quite as solid as the posher VW Tiguan.

Thankfully, you get a digital driver’s display and a touchscreen infotainment system as standard across the Renault Kadjar range, and there are a few brushed metal highlights on the door handles, around the gear lever and on the steering wheel in Iconic models an above.

Speaking of steering wheels, you’ll have to fork out for a top-spec GT-Kadjar if you want one with leather rather than cheap-feeling plastic trim. These cars also come with leather seats and some lighter-coloured trim on the centre console.

The Renault Kadjar's interior feels reasonably plush, but you'll struggle to tell the most expensive versions from entry-level cars

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Every Renault Kadjar comes with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and DAB digital radio.

The screen is reasonably bright and comes with a slightly matte finish so you can read it clearly in bright sunlight. The menus are nice and colourful but the touch-sensitive shortcut buttons aren’t particularly easy to use. Not only is it easy to press the wrong button when you’re driving, but they’re located on the passenger’s side of the screen.

The on-screen menus are quite easy to read, but the screen isn’t as sharp as the display you get in a VW Tiguan so some of the smaller text can be tricky to read.

The Renault Kadjar’s screen isn’t quite as responsive as the one in the VW Tiguan, either – especially when you’re using the built-in sat-nav in Iconic models and above. The system itself is easy to program using the on-screen keyboard, but the maps look pretty dated and it lags when you pinch to zoom in and out. It isn’t particularly easy to add a waypoint to your route either, but at least you Apple and Android get smartphone mirroring as standard in every Renault Kadjar so you can use your phone’s navigation apps instead.

These features also let you play music from the likes of Spotify through the Renault’s stereo. If you’re serious about your tunes you can upgrade to a beefier 9-speaker Bose system in top-spec GT-Line models which sounds significantly punchier.

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