Pictures surface of the production-ready Alfa Romeo Tonale

October 08, 2019 by

Pictures have leaked online of what appears to be a production-ready Alfa Romeo Tonale – Alfa’s answer to cars such as the Audi Q2 and Jeep Renegade. Keep reading for all the latest.

  • Pictures leaked

    Alfa Romeo Tonale

  • Price and release date

    from £28,000; 2020

What’s clear from these pictures is that the finished Tonale looks extremely similar to the gorgeous concept car revealed at the Geneva motor earlier this year – even the boring silver paint job can’t take the shine off it.

At the front, you get Alfa Romeo’s trademark triangular grille with a badge that eats into the leading edge of the bonnet and a pair of frowning headlights on either side ensuring there’s plenty of family resemblance between the Tonale, the Giulia and the larger Stelvio SUV.  Below the grille sits a lower bumper that looks suspiciously like it will fail the stick of truth. Time will tell…

Around the side, the Tonale swaps the sharp creases of competitors for a smooth look that flows freely into the bulging wheel arches above the rear wheels. Glossy black wheel arch rims emphasise the space between them and the wheels to help the car look more off-road-ready and they’re connected by a gloss black side skirt travelling down the car’s sills. Above, chrome trim around the windows gives the car a more premium feel while the rear door handle is hidden into the C pillar to help the car look more like a sporty three-door.

That sporty flavour continues to the back of the car where you’ll see a pair of stick-of-truth-test-passing exhaust pipes and a strip of half-circle tail lights that look like they have been inspired by the circular tail lights on Alfa’s 4C sports car. They’re joined in the middle to give the appearance of a rear light bar. 

Inside, more has been done to keep the Tonale – which shares its parts with the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X – in line with other Alfa models. As a result, you get the same heavily cowled dials as you get in the Afla Giulia and Stelvio and the same sporty three-spoke steering wheel.  

You can expect the Tonale to go on sale next year with a starting price of around £28,000.