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Perfectly parked: the 10 best short cars

Finding a parking space can often be a frustrating process. You can spend an age circling your destination only to discover your car is one inch too long for the last available space. For city dwellers, a short car can open up a world of new parking opportunities.

Many city cars are not only a cinch to park, but responsive, easy, and fun to drive – especially in areas where you’d normally be worried about bumping a larger car. We’ve taken a look at the ten shortest options on sale today.

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10 – Suzuki Celerio – 3,600mm long

The Suzuki Celerio is the “longest” car here, measuring 3,600mm long – that’s 758mm shorter than a Ford Focus hatchback. Considering its diminutive size, it’s impressively practical – a 254-litre boot is large for the class and, while it might be limited in length, a high roofline and five doors means that even rear seat passengers will be content with the space.

It’s a bargain, too. Entry-level models cost from just £6,999 making it one of the cheapest new cars for sale in the UK.

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9 – Renault Twingo – 3,595mm

If the Suzuki’s practicality sounds great but you find it wanting for a little style, the Renault Twingo might be worth a look. It’s more than just a cutesy fashion item – the Twingo makes use of its unusual rear-engined layout to make the most of interior space.

Mounting the engine in this way means the bonnet can be shorter, maximising the size of the cabin. As a positive side effect, it makes the Twingo incredibly manoeuvrable around town, with a turning circle tighter than a London taxi.

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8 – Kia Picanto – 3,595mm

At 3,595mm long, the Kia Picanto is exactly the same length as the Renault, but it utilises a more conventional layout, with the engine located up-front.

Around town, it’s incredibly easy to drive, while a range of frugal engines and a seven-year warranty means it’s cheap to run. By city car standards, it’s well-screwed together, too.

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7 – Fiat 500 – 3,546mm

While the current Fiat 500 is 57cm longer than its tiny 1950s ancestor, by modern standards it remains one of the smallest cars on sale.

On sale since 2007, a 2015 overhaul brought upgraded interior quality, a new infotainment system and improvements to the engine range, while keeping the same styling, tiny dimensions, and the same ease-of-use around congested cities.

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6 – SEAT Mii/Skoda Citigo/VW Up! – 3,540mm

The Volkswagen Group’s trio of city cars are among the smallest on sale. We and the rest of the motoring press love the Mii, Citigo and Up for nippy handling, low running costs and build quality that’s a cut above anything else in the class.

There are subtle styling differences among the three, but whichever you prefer, you’ll be getting not only a car that’s easy to park, but one which you’ll be happy to take further afield too.

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5 – Smart ForFour – 3,495mm

The Smart ForFour was developed alongside the Renault Twingo and, as a result, is almost mechanically identical underneath. Cosmetically, both have taken their own styling direction, meaning the ForFour ends up 100mm shorter than the Renault.

The Renault may be cheaper than the Smart, but if a short car is the number one priority, the ForFour is the one to have.

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4 – Citroen C-ZERO/Mitsubishi i-MiEV/Peugeot iOn – 3,480mm

A joint venture to build an electric car between Peugeot/Citroen and Mitsubishi resulted in the iOn/C-ZERO/i-MiEV triplets. They promise a battery-only range of 80-100 miles, making them perfect for inner city commuting.

The size helps, too. Not only are they very short, but at 1,480mm wide, they’re exceptionally narrow, making squeezing through small gaps a breeze.

3 – Citroen C1/Peugeot 108/Toyota Aygo – 3,475mm

As with the Mitsubishi electric car collaboration, the Peugeot/Citroen group paired up with another Japanese manufacturer to produce a more conventional city car. With the help of Toyota, the C1, 108 and Aygo were born.

These three city cars major on value for money, chic image and agile handling. At only 3,475mm long, it isn’t hard to find a parking space for them either.

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2 – Smart ForTwo – 2,695mm

The third offshoot from the tie-in between Renault and Smart, the Smart ForTwo is the smallest of the bunch, and one of the smallest cars on sale today. Despite its miniature 2,695mm length, there’s plenty of interior space for the driver and one passenger, and a generous 260-litre boot.

It’s incredibly manoeuvrable, too. A turning circle of just 6.95 metres means you can navigate the tiniest streets and park in the most awkward of spaces with incredible ease.

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1 – Renault Twizy – 2,319mm

If cheap, basic city motoring is your thing, then the Renault Twizy might be just the perfect car for you. The tiny electric “car” has room for two, sitting in one in front of the other. That means that, as well as the short length, it’s only 1,190mm wide.

We’d only recommend it for city use, however – it’s capable of 62 miles on one charge and has a top speed of 50mph. The handling is surprisingly fun, but remember to bring a coat – doors are an optional extra!

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What next?

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