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Top 10 cars for fitting child seats

August 21, 2015 by

There are many qualities that make a car child seat-friendly. A tall roofline, lots of space in the back and big doors all help make loading easy. Additionally, isofix mounting points are a must to hold the seat securely in place on the move.

We’ve taken a look at ten of the best child seat-friendly cars available. Don’t forget, you can put any of these cars in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

Kia Sportage

Thanks to its handsome looks and the great value for money it offers, the Kia Sportage is one of the most tempting crossovers on the market.

It works well for growing families, too. Interior space is among the best in the class, so carrying child seats and all your other youngster-related gubbins will never be an issue. The big windows in the back make it easy for the kids to see out, too.

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Volkswagen Sharan

Full-size, seven-seat MPVs like the Volkswagen Sharan are among the easiest cars on the market to load child seats into. The raised cabin makes strapping wee ones into seats a doddle, and there’s lots of space to manoeuvre your kids into position thanks to a middle row that can fit three child seats abreast via isofix mounting points.

The big Volkswagen benefits further from sliding doors so, even in tight parking spaces, it’s possible to make the most of the wide opening into the back.

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Ford B-Max

Like the Sharan, the Ford B-Max features rear sliding doors but, in many ways, its system is even more useful. That’s because the Ford lacks a B-pillar (the vertical support between the front and rear doors) so, when all the doors are opened, a completely open space runs from the front to the rear of the cabin.

Sharing a platform with the Fiesta supermini means the B-Max is small on the outside and very easy to manoeuvre in town centres. The tall body shape means that even fully grown passengers are treated to copious amounts of headroom.

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Skoda Octavia

While a taller MPV or SUV body shape might take the strain out of loading a child seat, some people would still prefer a regular family hatchback. The Skoda Octavia fits the bill perfectly thanks to its excellent interior and boot space that leaves plenty of room to wrestle the child seats into place.

Being the comfortable, safe and temptingly cheap car that it is, the Skoda copes with all of the other sensible stuff brilliantly, too. Performance fans will be delighted to hear that the vRS is one of the most practical ways to thrill junior back seat drivers.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has received almost universal praise since its release in 2014. Critics and buyers can’t seem to get enough of the style, build quality and how it feels on the road.

The Land Rover makes for a great family car, too. At 4.6 metres long, it isn’t as big as you might expect on the outside, yet there’s just enough room for seven. If you only need space for five, the rearmost seats can fold flat, allowing the middle row to slide backward to increase legroom – ideal for anyone who frequently has to fight with child seats, too.

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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Many might assume the van-like dimensions of an MPV stop it from being attractive, but the concept car-like styling of the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso arguably makes it one of the most striking cars on the road.

It’s far more than a just pretty face, though – it’s comfortable, safe, and has an economical engine range, with the best averaging 74.3mpg. Three child seats can be fitted to the middle row with individual isofix mounting points and access to the cabin is easy thanks to big, square doors.

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BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer might be the perfect choice if you’d prefer your seven-seater to come with just a little extra prestige.

Three child seats can be fitted to the middle row (though just the outer two seats feature isofix mounts) and, when not in use, the rearmost pair of seats can be folded away to reveal a 560-litre boot. Thanks to its Mini-derived platform, the Gran Tourer is surprisingly fun to drive for an MPV, while the engines are excellent – every one is powerful yet frugal.

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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz would suit any parent looking for a supermini to fit a young-family. Despite its compact dimensions – which make it very easy to drive in towns and cities – there’s a huge amount of space for people inside. Thanks to the 354-litre boot, there’s more room in the back than in any other car in the class, too.

Factor in that the Jazz is safe, well-built and highly unlikely to ever go wrong, and it’s one of the most dependable choices you could make.

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Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is a sturdy-looking SUV. The tall, boxy roofline means cabin space inside benefits too, so fitting child seats into the back is a relatively painless task. The large opening into the 375-litre boot means that carrying the pushchairs about shouldn’t be much bother, either.

It has some limited off-road capability and, for those who live in more rural areas, four-wheel drive is available as an option.

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Audi Q7

Need something just a little bit larger than the Vitara? There isn’t much on the road that comes bigger than the Audi Q7.

This seven-seat SUV is as huge inside as it is outside. Its family car credentials are promising too – all three middle row seats are wide enough to accommodate child seats via isofix mounts.

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Nissan Qashqai

Unlike its many family car rivals, the Nissan Qashqai has a raised crossover-style body, which ups the practicality stakes over most of its biggest rivals. There’s plenty of room inside, and two child seats can be comfortably and safely fitted to the rear bench.

The Qashqai rides smoothly, is well built, the engines are refined and some promise up to 74.3mpg. It achieved the maximum five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests so, for many, it’s the ideal family car.

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