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List of the smallest cars you can buy

Small cars are easy to park, affordable to buy, cheap to run and are often great fun to drive, too. We’ve drawn up a list of the 10 smallest cars on sale right now to help you pick the perfect new car.

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1. Smart ForTwo – 2,695mm

In terms of compact dimensions, the Smart ForTwo is unrivalled. It’s the smallest mainstream car on sale in the UK at just 2,695mm long and boasts a hugely impressive 260-litre boot – more than any car on our list. Unfortunately, there’s only room for two people in its stylish and well-built cabin.

The ForTwo’s party piece is, however, its fantastically tight 6.95m turning circle. The ForTwo’s stylish looks and sheer desirability do make it slightly more expensive to buy than many rivals – entry-level cars cost from £11,125 – but cheap running costs should help ease the financial blow.

2. Toyota Aygo – 3,455mm

The Toyota Aygo’s edgy looks may divide opinion, but it’s definitely a strong contender in the compact city car class. It boasts a well-built cabin with good levels of standard equipment and enough space for four adults. You’ll even be offered the option of a folding fabric roof in X-Wave trim.

The Aygo shares a platform with both the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 and, as a result, measures a strikingly similar 3,455mm in length. Its compact 168-litre boot is far from class-leading but the Aygo is fun to drive, cheap to run and is easy to park.

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3. Peugeot 108 – 3,475mm

The Peugeot 108 combines French style with tiny city car dimensions and cheap running costs. Its large windows and tight turning circle help make parking a breeze while its 3,475mm length and responsive three-cylinder petrol engines should make it feel right at home zipping through busy city centres.

Its practical interior comes with a good amount of equipment as standard. It doesn’t boast the biggest boot in this company – its 227-litre capacity lags behind many rivals – but the weekly shop should fit fairly easily. The 108 is also available with a folding fabric roof in 108 Top guise – perfect for enjoying even the briefest of sunny spells.

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4. VW Up – 3,540mm

The VW Up is almost identical to the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii. They all come with a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, a decent 251-litre boot, a surprising amount of cabin space and the same range of equipment and engines. It’s also slightly shorter than the Citigo and Mii, too, at 3,540mm.

Other than subtly different styling, what sets the Up apart from its Skoda and SEAT siblings is its more upmarket interior. It features a similarly minimalist design but boasts plusher materials. If you want a small city car with a more premium feel, the Up is the one for you – even if it does cost you approximately £700 more than either the Citigo or the Mii.

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5. SEAT Mii – 3,557mm

Like the Skoda Citigo, the SEAT Mii is based on the Volkswagen Up and shares many of its impressive features. It might be small, but it feels like a much larger car behind the wheel thanks to good levels of comfort and refinement.

Inside, there’s space for four six-footers and a square boot that’s easy to load. Its 251-litre capacity might not be the biggest available but it’ll be more than enough for weekly shopping trips. Measuring 3,557mm long, it’s slightly longer than the Citigo but its competitive £9,470 pricetag makes it an excellent choice.

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6. Skoda Citigo – 3,563mm

The Skoda Citigo is easy to drive in town – thanks to measuring only 3,563mm in length – and has a comfortable ride, too. Its large windows give its cabin a light and airy feel, as well as helping to make it fairly easy to park.

It offers all the same small car perks as the VW Up on which it’s based, including a generous 251-litre boot and peppy petrol engines. Importantly, the Citigo undercuts its German cousin on price. Entry-level £8,275 models can be had for £720 less than an equivalent VW.

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7. Fiat 500 – 3,571mm

The Fiat 500 isn’t quite as small as the original 1950s model but – at just 3,571mm in length – it’s still one of the most compact cars on the market. The 500 has cute retro styling, matched by a charming interior with generous amounts of standard equipment.

Despite its dinky dimensions, the 500 will seat four people in fair comfort and has a decent 185-litre boot. It’s not as practical as some other city cars on the market but it offers bucketloads of character its boxier rivals can’t match.

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8. Kia Picanto – 3,595mm

The Kia Picanto is a stylish little car measuring just 3,595mm long. Its low running costs, good build quality and generous standard equipment make it great value for money and, despite its tiny dimensions, there’s a good amount of cabin space too.

Its 200-litre boot will easily carry a large weekly shop while there’s enough room inside for four to sit comfortably, too. It’s easy to drive, a doddle to park and offers good all-round visibility. As an added bonus it comes with Kia’s industry-leading seven-year warranty.

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9. Suzuki Celerio – 3,600mm

The Suzuki Celerio is one of the biggest cars on our list – it measures exactly 3,600m in length – but its more generous dimensions are put to good use. It boasts a spacious cabin and a practical 254-litre boot – more than almost every other car listed here.

Standard equipment levels are impressive, too – all models come with Bluetooth, air conditioning, a DAB digital radio and alloy wheels as standard. The Celerio’s interior can’t quite rival the VW Up for ultimate quality but it’s well-built and comfortable. As an added bonus, Suzuki has a reputation for building solid, reliable cars that won’t let you down.

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10. Hyundai i10 – 3,665mm

The Hyundai i10 shares some components with the Kia Picanto but offers more involving handling and a more comfortable ride. It can’t match the Picanto’s seven-year warranty, but the i10 boasts more interior space and a bigger 252-litre boot.

Its boxy shape, large windows and tight turning circle mean the i10 is easy to navigate through city streets and shouldn’t present and problems when parking. As with all Hyundais, it comes well-equipped and represents good value for money, too. Entry-level models will set you back less than £9,000.

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