List of the smallest cars you can buy

The current crop of large family cars might be perfect for some buyers but, if you’re looking for a nippy city car or a supermini that’ll fit into the tightest of parking spots, read our list of the smallest cars currently on sale.

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Smart ForTwo – 2,695mm

The Smart ForTwo is the smallest car on sale in the UK, measuring less than 2.7 metres in length. Its diminutive size means you can park it width-ways in certain spaces – perfect for sneaking into the smallest of gaps on busy high streets.

Older Smarts came with jerky automatic gearboxes but the current version is offered with a five-speed manual or smooth-shifting dual-clutch automatic – the latter makes driving in traffic a more pleasant experience. The lack of rear seats may be an issue for some drivers but there’s more than enough space for two people in the Smart’s well-built cabin and, surprisingly, its 260-litre boot is larger than that offered by its bigger brother, the ForFour.

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Toyota Aygo – 3,455mm

The Toyota Aygo is based on the same platform as both the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, but is ever so slightly shorter than both its French siblings. The three-door version boasts just enough room for four people to travel in relative comfort, although those who regularly carry passengers will probably be better off with the five-door model.

Toyota has tried to make the Aygo more appealing to younger buyers, so its distinctive styling gives it a sportier look than many superminis. The Aygo is a little more pricey than the C1 and 108 but will be just as cheap to run and is even offered with a rear-view camera to make parking a doddle.

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Citroen C1 – 3,465mm

Citroen’s C1 might be slightly larger than the Toyota Aygo, and a smidge shorter than the Peugeot 108, but all three feature an identical 196-litre boot. The Citroen’s two-part headlight design – reminiscent of the funky Nissan Juke – certainly stands out, however.

Besides a Citroen badge on the steering wheel, you’d struggle to tell this car’s interior apart from the Peugeot or Toyota offerings. An electric retractable fabric roof option does, however, make any of this trio a compelling option in the small car market.

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Peugeot 108 – 3,475mm

The Peugeot 108 is 20mm larger than the Toyota Aygo yet still lags behind some rivals in terms of boot space – the VW Up, Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii all offer more space than the Peugeot’s 196-litre load bay. There’s still a reasonable amount of room for passengers, however, especially if you choose the five-door model.

The 108 sport a similarly mature front bumper to the French firm’s larger 208 and 308 models, giving it a more grown-up look than its Citroen and Toyota siblings. It’s available as part of the brand’s excellent Just Add Fuel finance offer – a single monthly payment that covers insurance, road tax and the cost of the car itself.

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Smart ForFour – 3,495mm

The Smart ForFour is the German brand’s largest model but, at just less than 3.5 meters in length, it’s still one of the smallest cars on the road. Its rear-engined layout offers both a surprising amount of space inside for passengers and a very small turning circle – perfect for tight parking manoeuvres. Boot space is, however, somewhat limited – the ForFour can only swallow 185 litres of luggage.

The Smart is slightly shorter than its Renault Twingo sister car but will set you back approximately £2,000 more. It does, however, come with a range of Mercedes-sourced buttons and switches that give its cabin a premium feel the French offering can’t quite match.

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VW Up – 3,540mm

The VW Up offers a tempting combination of high quality materials, impressive interior space and low running costs – a winning combination in our books. This VW is the smallest and, arguably, the most desirable of the Up, Mii and Citigo trio but will set you back slightly more than both its sister cars.

recent facelift brings new front and rear bumpers and an upgraded smartphone dock across the range. The rest of the car has, however, been left well alone so this four-seater still offers plenty of room for passengers and a 251-litre boot that’s larger than most rivals. Top-spec versions can be a little pricey, however.

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SEAT Mii – 3,557mm

If you’d prefer your city car to have a little Latin flavour, the SEAT Mii could be perfect for you. It’s a close relative of the Volkswagen Up – they share the same chassis and basic interior – but the Spanish company has added its own twist to the recipe in terms of styling. As a result, it’s 17mm longer than its German cousin but, more importantly, costs approximately £500 less.

The SEAT’s cabin is just as roomy as the Up’s and its boot can carry an almost identical 250 litres of luggage. An upcoming facelift should give the Mii a refreshed exterior and a number of equipment upgrades, too.

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Skoda Citigo – 3,563mm

The Skoda Citigo is the largest of the three Volkswagen Group city cars, but it’s still the eighth smallest car you can buy in the UK. Skodas tend to feature more conservative styling than their VW and SEAT counterparts and the Citigo’s understated appearance may suit some buyers better. You can, however, add decals, stripes and flashy alloy wheels if you want to make your car a bit more eye-catching.

Its boxy body boasts a similarly spacious interior and 250-litre boot to its sister cars – impressive given its small size. Skoda has also given the Citigo a recent facelift – it’s a lot more subtle than the revised Up but you’ll still get a smartphone dock and updated climate control features as standard. Factor in the great value pricing and an excellent dealer network, and there’re plenty of reasons to choose the Skoda.

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Fiat 500 – 3,571mm

If you’re after a tiny car with bags of style, the Fiat 500 might just be the right choice for you. A recent facelift means that it now measures about 30mm longer than before, but its cabin has been carried over mostly unchanged. Decent visibility and optional parking sensors also help make fitting into tight parking spaces nice and easy.

Unfortunately, Fiat hasn’t been quite as clever as its rivals in terms of interior design. The 500 just isn’t as big inside as some similarly compact city cars and the rear seats are only really suitable for kids – in-cabin storage is lacking and its 180-litre boot means there’s not much room for luggage, either. Still, in terms of desirability and cuteness, the 500 is still the car to beat in this class.

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Kia Picanto – 3,595mm

The Kia Picanto is the largest car on this list, but it should still manage to nip in and out of tiny gaps with ease. Kia has made sure its smallest model isn’t lacking in the style stakes and the Picanto, thanks to a recent facelift, boasts bold styling and sporty detailing to help it stand out from more sedate rivals.

The Picanto’s cabin is roomy enough to seat five and, although its Hyundai i10 sister car offers slightly more space inside, the Kia is available as a compact three-door – perfect if you rarely carry passengers. As an added bonus, it offers lots of big-car equipment, including Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning and a leather-trimmed steering wheel as standard and comes with an industry-leading seven-year warranty.

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