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2015 Honda CR-V facelift – old vs new comparison

Honda has performed something of a nip-tuck procedure on the CR-V, bringing it into the new year with a new look. However, unless you were one of the people that actually designed the 2015 CR-V, you’d be excused for mistaking it for the old model.

The changes to the exterior are rather subtle but, if you look at the old and new model back-to-back, they become slightly more apparent. Under the skin, the updates start to get a bit more exciting – with a new engine, gearbox and infotainment system all making their debuts.

New Honda CR-V on the left – old model on the right

Honda CR-V exterior

As mentioned earlier, the changes to the CR-V’s exterior are subtle when compared to the old model, but they do have the effect of making the older version look instantly dated when seen side-by-side. Honda is keen to emphasise the new headlights, front grille, skid-plate, bumpers, LED combination brake lights and refreshed tailgate design which will, hopefully, have people turning their heads whenever you drive past.

New Honda CR-V on the left – old model on the right

Honda CR-V interior

In the cabin, Honda’s all new Connect infotainment system makes its first ever appearance. Bluetooth, DAB radio, satellite navigation and images from the rear-view camera are all displayed and controlled here. This Android-powered system comes as standard on all CR-Vs except for the entry-level model.

New Honda CR-V on the left – old model on the right

Honda CR-V engine

The addition of a brand new 1.6-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engine is arguably the most exciting change that has been made on the 2015 CR-V. This new 158hp motor will replace the 2.2-litre engine found in earlier CR-Vs, and Honda claims, will return an impressive 55.4mpg when paired with the (also new) nine-speed automatic transmission.

New Honda CR-V on the left – old model on the right

Honda CR-V technology

Honda’s new ‘Sensing’ safety technologies are being introduced with the 2015 CR-V. These systems consist of a myriad of sensors and alerts – such as lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition software – to help keep drivers on the road and minimise the possibility of an accident occurring. The stand-out feature is the new ‘intelligent’ adaptive cruise control that predicts the actions of other motorists.

New Honda CR-V on the left – old model on the right

Honda CR-V options

Honda has also introduced a range of personalisation options to help buyers give their car their own unique flair. These options include a chrome styling pack, an aero styling pack, an illumination pack and more. No doubt, these options will help your CR-Vs stand out from the crowd that little bit more.

Now what?

It’ll go on sale in the UK in March priced from £22,340 to £35,620. Check out our full review of the Honda CR-V and then take a look at its main rivals – the Nissan Qashqai, Mazda CX-5 and Kia Sportage. Then head over to our car configurator to see how much you could save on your next car.

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