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BMW 2 Series colours guide and prices

Choosing a colour can often be a tough decision for car buyers. The difficulty lies in finding something which appeals personally, but also holds its value well on the used-car market.

We’ve taken a look at the options available for the BMW 2 Series. In total, there are 13 choices available, and we’ve run through each, accompanied by images and prices. If you’re wondering what the different types of paint mean, then read our car paint colours guide.

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Solid paint finishes

BMW offers two standard paint finishes for the 2 Series Coupe. Neither add a penny to the asking price, while a deep gloss topcoat means that they aren’t the ‘bargain basement’ choice they were once perceived to be.

Alpine White – £0

If you choose Alpine White make sure you’re prepared to give your car frequent washes – even the slightest hint of rain or spray from the road will show up as grubby marks. It can be paired with the top-spec M235i variant (shown) for a crisp, modern sports coupe.

Jet Black – £0

This standard gloss black is unlikely to put off any prospective buyers in the used-car market. It’s one of only two no-cost options, so it might be ideal for buyers looking to buy a 2 Series on a budget.

Metallic paint finishes

Want to add a little extra lustre to the 2 Series? Metallic paint adds an extra degree of quality to the outside of a car thanks to tiny metallic flakes in the paint. Each metallic hue costs £550 for the 2 Series – a fairly standard price among premium car makers.

Black Sapphire – £550

Adding metallic flake to black paint really lifts Black Sapphire compared to Jet Black. Simply listing ‘metalic paint’ on any used car advert should help make it much more desirable to buyers when the time comes to sell, too.

Melbourne Red metallic – £550

This bright shade of metallic red is one of the sportier options in the range, and is frequently used by BMW in press images – an obvious clue that it shows off the lines of the car to the full.

Deep Sea Blue – £550

A classy, dark metallic blue. This shade isn’t available with M Sport trim, which should make sure it stays reasonably rare, and trade in values should be fairly reasonable.

Glacier Silver – £550

This is one of the most common colours on the road, and for good reason – it’ll hold its value well. Silver cars do a reasonable job of masking dirt too, which is always a bonus.

Mineral White – £550

White cars are popular at the moment, so this is a choice which can be made with both the head and the heart. Keep it clean, and it’ll be sure to stand out.

Midnight Blue – £550

In comparison to Deep Sea Blue, Midnight has a subtle green tint to its finish, which is most obvious in bright light. It isn’t likely to be a colour in high demand, so the £550 cost might not be the most worthwhile investment.

Mineral Grey – £550

A gunmetal grey finish always works well on German cars, and as a result Mineral Grey will maintain strong residual values a few years down the line.

Valencia Orange – £550

A bright, vibrant shade which, while not to everyone’s taste, should have sufficient demand in the used car market for it not to be a financially reckless decision.

The image above also shows black door-mirror caps, available on Sport models as a no-cost option.

Sparkling Brown – £550

Perhaps the best choice in the 2 Series range for hiding dirt, metallic brown cars are also seen to be fashionable accessories. How long that stays the case remains to be seen, so judging used values in the future is tricky.

Moonlight Silver – £550

The slightly gold tinge to Moonlight Silver means that it isn’t likely to hold its value as well as some of the more contemporary-looking choices in the 2 Series range. It shouldn’t be too high maintenance when it comes to washing, though.

Estoril Blue – £550

A shade commonly found on the most sporting BMWs like the M3 and M4, Estoril Blue will be a desirable shade among performance car buyers. Only available with M Sport variants and the M235i.

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