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Drag race: Scania R500 + loading shovel vs Scania P410 grab lorry vs Scania P450 concrete mixer

May 14, 2021 by

No, you haven’t been redirected to, this is a real carwow drag race…

Normally found on a construction site or causing a fracas turning into one from a narrow road, these three lorries are trading the quarry for the airstrip. So what machinery are we working with, exactly?

First up, driven by none other than Yianni, is a Scania R500. It’s powered by a 13-litre, 500hp engine. Impressive numbers, though it is hampered by the cargo it’s carrying.

On the back, along with a flatbed to carry it, is a Liebherr 566 loading shovel, designed to shift literal tonnes of material at once. Functional yes, but not an ideal companion for a drag race…

Challenging the R500 is a Scania P410 grab lorry. This also uses a 13-litre engine, though it produces more modest 410hp. With ‘just’ a tipping body and a crane on the back though, it’s significantly lighter.

Rounding out the trio, we have another Scania — the P450. Again, it uses a 13-litre engine, though with 450hp. It’s got a strengthened chassis though, along with an (empty) volumetric concrete mixer.

Which wins in the ¼ mile drag, then? Watch to find out…

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