Kingsley Cars Range Rover Classic: reborn British icon driven

January 25, 2022 by

If you’ve ever fancied a Range Rover Classic, but also want the peace of mind of a brand new car, Kingsley Cars may have just the thing for you.

Kingsley Range Rover Classic specs:

  • Engine 4.6-litre V8
  • Power/torque: 270hp/416Nm
  • 0-60mph: Nine seconds
  • Gearbox: four-speed automatic
  • Price: £170,000

Kingsley Range Rover Classic design

The Kingsley Range Rover Classic stays true to the original car on the outside. It retains the boxy silhouette and simple design that makes the Range Rover Classic so desirable.

Kingsley has made a few changes to the car though. The bumpers are slightly altered and the vinyl on the rear pillars has been removed in favour of a painted finish. You could argue this takes away some of the car’s retro character, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

The wheels are certainly retro though, being 16-inch steel units with plenty of tyre sidewall on show. Because this is the three-door Range Rover you also get cool vertical door handles. Upfront, the face is instantly recognisable with the slatted grille and round headlights.

Kingsley Range Rover Classic interior

Moving inside, the Kingsley Range Rover looks a lot like the original but it’s peppered with modern touches.

You have a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and a reversing camera, as well as an electric sunroof. You also get a wireless charging pad on the dashboard.

This test car has the £16,000 extended leather option which includes leather on the dashboard, A-pillars, door cards and headlining. It’s certainly expensive, but it looks fabulous.

The seats, while not the originals, are very comfortable but it would be nice to see some electric adjustment at this price.

Kingsley Range Rover Classic driving

Under the bonnet lies a 4.6-litre V8 with 270hp and 416Nm of torque. While it’s based on the classic Rover V8, Kingsley has completely changed the internals to bring it up to date.

Don’t think this takes away from its character though, as it still burbles away like a car of the 80s should while providing plenty of pulling power.

Along with the engine, the brakes and suspension have also been modernised. It feels composed around the bends and it handles the bumps quite well, just remember there’s no ABS if you need to do an emergency stop.

It’s not fooling anyone into thinking it’s a new SUV, but it feels a lot more sorted than a standard Range Rover Classic.

Kingsley Range Rover Classic verdict

Kingsley has done the Range Rover Classic justice with this resto-mod. It’s properly sorted from front to back and it looks awesome as well.

If you’re after a modernised Range Rover then the Kingsley is your only real option, so it’s fortunate that they’ve done an excellent job of bringing it up to date.

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