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Drag Race: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range vs Standard Range Plus

March 26, 2021 by

Does the Tesla Model 3 Performance really have that much, err, performance? It squares off against the rest of the range to find out.

Well, this range-topping version of the American manufacturer’s electric saloon is the most powerful version of the car, which produces 457hp thanks to its dual-motor setup that drives all four wheels.

There’s 660Nm of torque on tap too, which will be delivered instantly — so it’s pretty brisk. You’ll be paying £56,490 for that, though, and is it worth it?

Well, that’s what today’s drag race looks to find out. Lined up here are the Long Range and Standard Range Plus versions of the Model 3 to see if the Performance version’s extra grunt is all it’s claimed to be.

The Long Range gets the same dual-motor setup as the Performance, though power dips to 367hp and torque to 510Nm – still very respectable figures, though. At 1,844kg, weight is down by 3kg over the Performance and the Long Range costs less at £46,990.

At the bottom rung of the ladder is the Model 3 Standard Range Plus. This uses a single motor to deliver 296hp and 450Nm to the rear wheels, though it weighs in at a comparatively light 1,625kg. It’s also the cheapest Model 3 here at £40,490.

You’d expect the Tesla Model 3 Performance to win the drag race then, but does that extra cost pay off in a rolling race and a 70-0mph brake test? You’ll have to watch to find out…

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