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Toyota Prius colours guide and prices

The new Toyota Prius is a stylish hybrid that offers low running costs and an eye-catching design. With loads of cool tech and a surprisingly practical interior, it’s a great choice for those looking for something environmentally friendly and easy to drive.

There’s a wide choice of colours for buyers to choose from, so we’ve put together a guide to help you pick which shade you want. If you want to learn the difference between solid, metallic and special paint finishes, our car paint types guide explains all you need to know.

Solid Colours

Pure White – £0

Pure White is the sole no-cost option for the Prius and, considering white is a popular shade, we’d expect to see lots like this on the road. White does show off the Prius’ sharp lines, but the lack of a metallic flake means it doesn’t look quite as special as optional colours further down. It’ll be easy to sell to the used market but plenty of visits to the car wash will be needed over its life.

Metallic Colours

Galaxy Black – £545

Black is always a popular choice with both new and used buyers so you probably won’t struggle selling this colour on. Unlike most darker shades, black is a pain to keep clean and cheaper car washes can leave swirl marks so don’t cut corners. If you’re not sold on the Prius’ striking looks, then you’ll find that Galaxy Black tones them down a little.

Galactic Blue – £545

Galactic Blue is another space-named shade, but although it’s an eye-catching colour it shouldn’t prove an alien sight on the road. Used buyers are likely to be tempted by this hue and it’ll do a middling job at hiding road grime.

Decuma Grey – £545

Dark grey is an ever-popular colour for new cars, and it gives the Prius a premium appearance that’s enhanced by the dramatic LED lights and smart alloy wheels on higher trim levels. Being dark, it’ll hide road grime for a good while before needing a clean and used buyers will be happy to take this colour off your hands.

Tyrol Silver – £545

A light silver such as this is always a safe choice for a new car, and this metallic shade will ensure easy resale to the used market. It’s not the most inspiring of colours and it’ll be tricky to keep clean but, as an all round shade, it’s thoroughly inoffensive.

Pearlescent colours

Hypersonic Red – £795

Hypersonic Red will definitely help your Prius stand out. Being a pretty extrovert colour, it might be marginally harder to sell than more conventional ones and a fairly frequent cleaning schedule is recommended for best results. The pearlescent finish gives it a classy appearance despite the racy image a red shade sometimes gives.

Pearl White – £795

This is the second white shade offered on the Prius, and, while most buyers will probably end up choosing the solid shade, this special shade offers a richer finish that will appeal to used buyers looking for something unique. Like all whites though, you’ll need to keep it clean.

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