Dacia Sandero interior

Taking into account that the Dacia Sandero is one of UK’s cheapest new cars, the interior exceeds the low expectations imposed by the price.


Most of the car's controls are easy to use and feel tough

The Dacia Sandero doesn’t have an infotainment system with internet access and touch-sensitive heating controls, but most of the car’s controls are very easy to operate and feel robust.

In 2017 the dashboard got a small upgrade in the form of a new steering wheel and other small tweaks. Yes, the materials feel like the rejected ones from the Renault Clio, but the areas you touch the most are more tactile than the rest of the cabin.

The new steering wheel is comfortable to hold and features buttons that operate the cruise control. It’s upholstered in a halfway-house between leather and plastic, so you get the softness and the stitching, but at a fraction of the cost.

Another 2017 addition was the movement of the front window controls to the door cards. It’s a good idea, but the buttons for the rear windows remain in the middle of the centre console, which doesn’t feel all that intuitive.

There’s nothing that excites, but also nothing that really annoys either

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Most of the car's controls are easy to use and feel tough

The Dacia Sandero doesn’t come with an infotainment system as standard, but it’s not that expensive to move up to a trim level that has it. There’s no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support, but the Bluetooth connection is easy to set up and lets you enjoy your music. There’s also traffic sign recognition and the postcode look-up and rerouting speed are decently fast.

Available trims

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