New 2022 Honda CR-V hybrid spotted: price, specs and release date

August 13, 2021 by

A brand-new version of the Honda CR-V has been caught on camera before it makes its debut next year. Read on for everything you need to know about this upcoming family SUV.

  • New Honda CR-V spotted
  • Expected to be hybrid-only
  • Should be more spacious than current car…
  • … but probably no seven-seater option
  • Bolder front fascia design
  • Anticipated launch in late 2022
  • Prices likely from around £33,000

The next-gen Honda CR-V is on the way, and these new spy shots give us our first look at the upcoming family SUV. It’s expected to go on sale towards the tail end of 2022, as a hybrid-only alternative to the likes of the Ford Kuga and Peugeot 5008.

2022 Honda CR-V design

Judging from this latest set of spy pictures, the next-generation CR-V will mark quite a significant departure from the current car’s styling. The outgoing CR-V has quite fussy, almost messy, styling but the new one will follow in the wheel tracks of the new HR-V compact crossover, and the new Civic hatchback, with much smoother, cleaner styling.

You can see that most clearly at the front, where there’s a big, upright grille — much flatter and less angled than that of the current CR-V — which is flanked by a pair of quite slim, high-mounted headlights. The influence from the new HR-V is obvious, and it should make for a much simpler, less complicated look for the CR-V.

It looks as if the CR-V has grown a bit compared to the current model, although at the rear the tailgate looks a little more angled forward than that of the current car. The styling at the side seems to have quite prominent, bulky door sills and a heavy line running through the door handles, but that could just be padding under the disguise tape to confuse us. The wheel arches do seem to bulge outwards rather more than those of the current CR-V, though.

There are all-new rear lights at the back, which extend across the back of the boot lid in a long, slim light bar, instead of extending vertically up the rear pillars, as on the current model.

2022 Honda CR-V engines

You’ll have to wait a bit longer until the new Honda CR-V’s engine specs are confirmed, though cars such the latest Honda Jazz and Honda HR-V give you a great idea of what to expect. Like these cars, the new Honda CR-V is set to go hybrid-only – likely using an evolution of the all-wheel-drive petrol-electric setup used in the current CR-V Hybrid.

This means, for a majority of the time, the CR-V will only be powered by the car’s pair of electric motors, with the engine acting as an onboard generator for the battery pack. However, as is the case with other hybrid Hondas, the engine can provide power to the wheels directly via an automatic gearbox in certain scenarios, such as when you’re accelerating hard to overtake another car on the motorway.

Given the increase in size and Honda’s move towards an all-electric and hybrid lineup, it’s unlikely the current CR-V’s 1.5-litre petrol engine option will be carried over.

2022 Honda CR-V interior

As the quick glimpses of the dashboard in the spy shots suggest, the new Honda CR-V’s interior will be a bit of a departure over the current car. The main touchscreen looks a lot bigger than the seven-inch display in the current car, and it’s mounted higher on the dashboard, too.

It’s probably a pretty safe assumption that the minimalist interior layout seen in the new HR-V and the new Civic will be largely carried over to the CR-V, albeit with some slightly more luxurious touches befitting the CR-V’s higher price point. Both Civic and HR-V get a standard nine-inch touchscreen on top of the dash, but the CR-V may well get a larger one than that. It will almost certainly, as with the exterior, look a little less fussy than the cabin of the current model.

The new car’s cabin should look very different from the current car’s, shown here

Because the Honda CR-V looks like it’ll be a bit bigger than the car it replaces, its interior should also be a fair bit roomier this time around – meaning there should be plenty of space for passengers in the front and back seats and probably an increase in the already-generous boot space.

If the new CR-V really is bigger than the outgoing model, as it appears from these photos, then it may allow Honda to package both hybrid power and an optional third row of seats for the first time — the current CR-V is available as a seven-seater, but you can’t have it as a hybrid seven-seater, as the packaging for the battery takes away the space needed for the extra seats.

2022 Honda CR-V price and release date

There’s no official release date just yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer before the new Honda CR-V goes on sale – expect it to arrive in showrooms in 2022. Prices will likely rise by a few thousand pounds over the outgoing car, so expect entry-level Honda CR-Vs to set you back around £33,000.

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