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Lexus NX Performance

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There’s not a lot of praise for the way the Lexus NX drives on any front – those expecting a Lexus-like wafting experience will be particularly disappointed.

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Performance and Economy

Lexus won’t offer a diesel with the NX, so if you’re after efficiency you can opt for the NX300h hybrid, a 2.5-litre petrol with an electric motor attached. You’ll have seen this combination before in other Lexus models – the IS and GS have both used it – but in the Lexus NX a second motor is attached to the rear axle to provide four-wheel-drive.

The Lexus NX drives alright but it's not as cosseting over bumps as you think and not as confidence-inspiring as the best in class

Mat Watson
carwow expert

You’ll probably dislike the CVT automatic in the Hybrid because it’s quite droney and not a lot of fun when you want to accelerate, but it is remarkably hushed at steady speeds. It will also run for about a mile on electric mode alone, but you’ll probably not see the claimed fuel economy figures easily.

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The ride is always on the harsh side of firm, but better on motorways than it is around town, where it will clatter along poorly maintained roads in a most unhappy fashion.

It doesn’t equal a decent trade for a sporty cross-country driver’s car either. The Lexus NX stays relatively flat and composed in corners and the light steering doesn’t give you much confidence on very twisty roads.

You’re better off avoiding the higher specification models with adaptive dampers and leaving Sport Mode well alone. This seems to be the way to make sure the ride is acceptably firm rather than unpleasantly so.

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