New Mercedes EQS: See our exclusive render

Matthew Mills
August 05, 2019

The EQS is one of Mercedes’ most exciting new models, landing as an all-electric version of the S-Class saloon. Here’s an exclusive taste of what this high-performance Tesla Model S alternative will look like as well as everything we know about the car so far.

Mercedes EQS render

Looks pretty sweet, right? Above is carwow’s brand-new and exclusive render of the hotly-anticipated Mercedes EQS.

Despite being the all-electric companion to the Mercedes S-Class saloon, the EQS has a five-door coupe body. This is based on the spy pictures snapped of the car recently (more on them below…). As a result, the EQS electric car will have a more practical, hatchback-style boot than the regular S-Class, as well as a more rounded rear end, while still maintaining a classy cabin that can accommodate four adults. Smaller details, such as the shape of the windscreen and the silver trim around the EQS’s side windows, are more cues to the car’s S-Class heritage.

At the front, the EQS has a lot in common with the Mercedes EQC: the brand’s new, all-electric SUV. This can be seen in the loosely triangular headlights, connected by a black sliver that underlines a central, rounded ‘grille’. At both the front and back, the lights will be LEDs.

Mercedes EQS spy pictures

The world’s first real glimpse of the EQS came very recently, when spy photographers were able to snap a camouflaged version of the car while it was being tested. Sure, the EQS spotted was coated from boot to bonnet in black-and-white wrapping, but the photos still revealed a number of interesting giveaways. Not only were the EQS’s hatchback boot and five-door coupe body clear, but so too were rough estimations of its dimensions. The car is noticeably longer than the EQC SUV, making room for a bigger battery. In turn, this means you can expect some truly impressive output from the EQS.

Mercedes EQS performance and range

With its bigger battery and more drag-resistant body shape than the EQC, it’s very safe to assume that EQS electric car will outdo its all-electric SUV relative in terms of range and performance. This is no small feat, since the EQC has a 400hp output and can shoot from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds. It can also travel up to 250 miles on a single charge. As such, expect the EQS to have some seriously impressive numbers to back it up.

Mercedes EQS release date

Mercedes stated last year that they will have ten all-new, all-electric models released by the end of 2022. Expect the EQS electric car to be one of those models, joining other confirmed offerings like the EQC SUV and a smaller car called the EQA.

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