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Subaru Forester Performance

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Despite the fairly low ground clearance the Forester has one of the grippiest four-wheel drive systems on sale.

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Performance and Economy

Subaru is one of the few companies to fit its cars with flat-four-cylinder engines, which have a lower centre of gravity than the units fitted to most other cars, providing better handling as a result. Buyers can choose from a 2.0-litre petrol, with or without a turbo, but most will be more interested in the more frugal 2.0-litre diesel.

The diesel model is the one to go for because it provides good mid-range grunt and is capable of just under 50mpg. It has nearly twice the torque of the similarly powerful petrol so it feels faster than the 10-second sprint from 0-62mph would suggest.

Avoid the CVT automatic and you should be fine

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The first petrol option has 148hp, and Subaru claims fuel economy of around 43mpg, although it’s rather gutless and you need to work it hard if you’re towing a trailer. There’s a much more potent 237hp version with a turbocharger, capable of hitting 60mph in well under eight seconds from a standstill. It sounds great on paper, but the engine is slow to respond, only feels powerful at high revs and is incredibly thirsty when you’re in a hurry.

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The Forester does without trick electronics like the ones in the Discovery Sport, but is a permanent system that will probably take you further than any of its more road-focused rivals.

Good as the Forester is in the rough stuff it’s almost as bad again on the open road. The steering is inaccurate, there’s lots of wind noise and a lot of body roll.

The manual gearchange in both the petrol and diesel models is imprecise, but the automatic gearbox is especially bad, feeling lazy and out-dated.

It’s not all bad, however, because the suspension performs adequately at smoothing out lumps and bumps. Around town, the light steering makes navigating fairly easy.

Those using a Forester for towing will be pleased to know that it can pull up to 2,000kg and Subaru’s Trailer Stability Control will help prevent weaving and instability.

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