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Range Rover Sport colours guide and prices

Critics and buyers alike are big fans of the latest Range Rover Sport. It’s one of the automotive world’s great all-rounders: it goes around corners in a way that belies its two-tonne mass, its style and luxury are first rate, yet it’s still as capable off road as you’d expect any Land Rover product to be.

Given its premium status, Land Rover has furnished the Range Rover Sport with a choice of 18 paint finishes, providing customers with a more bespoke buying experience. Best of all, whichever shade you prefer, it won’t cost you a penny more – unless you decide to select a contrasting colour for the roof.

Non-metallic colours

The Range Rover Sport is only available on one solid paint finish – the remaining 17 all gaining a metallic flake to make them appear that little bit more special. Given the more expensive paint jobs won’t cost you any more, we’d question the point in choosing a non-metallic one.

Fuji White

A shade once seen as the cheap and not-very-cheerful, white has become one of the more fashionable shades – particularly on premium vehicles such as this. However, there is a metallic white finish available, and it’d be worth going for purely for the benefit of future residual values.

Metallic colours

Stirring a little metal flake into the paint makes a whole heap of difference to the quality of the finish. In bright sunshine, the flakes reflect the light more intensely than a regular finish, giving a more brilliant shine. With Land Rover offering every one as a no-cost option, you can feel good about whichever shade you pick!

Yulong White

In addition to being better able to withstand depreciation while not costing any more, Yulong White looks much more special on the rare occasion that it is both clean and the sun is shining. It combines quite well with the optional contrasting roof option, too (we’ll get onto that at the end).

Aleutian Silver

The Aleutian Islands are situated in the Bering Sea, between the tips of Russia and the United States. The islands themselves appear to be quite green, so naming a slightly pearlescent silver after them doesn’t quite make perfect sense. Naming strategy aside, it’s quite an attractive shade, though we feel some of the other options available suit the Sport better.

Indus Silver

This slightly darker shade of silver looks – to our eyes – more modern than Aleutian silver, and out of the two would be the one we’d have. We think it’d work well on the most potent SVR model.

Scotia Grey

In the flesh, Scotia grey doesn’t suit the crisp lines of the Range Rover Sport quite as well as Indus silver. It’s a subtle shade though, so it’d be ideal if you want the luxury the car offers without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Corris Grey

Corris Grey is a very dark shade at the more subtle (or less interesting, depending on your point of view) end of the spectrum. It looks smart, and it should be a popular choice with used car buyers, too.

Santorini Black

A pretty standard metallic black. Hard to fault, plus it comes with the added bonus of hiding the dirt fairly well. Black is an easy resale colour but can occasionally show up swirls if you don’t have it professionally cleaned.

Loire Blue

For the majority of the Range Rover Sport range, this is the only shade of blue available. A shade that always looks classy on premium cars, we’d recommend pairing it with a tan leather interior for a seriously stylish combination.

Aintree Green

The same tan interior trim would work as well for Aintree Green as it does for Loire Blue. A deep green finish like this is a traditional option for a luxury British car, and therefore it will look as good in 20 years time as it does now.

Kaikoura Stone

We’re not quite convinced we can say the same of Kaikoura Stone. Brownish shades are very fashionable at the moment so, in the short term, it will be quite a popular colour to choose. However, it may not quite be as desirable a few years down the line.

Montacino Red

The first of two red finishes available, Montacino Red has a deep, lustrous finish which oozes quality. Combine it with a black leather interior, make sure you keep it clean, and it’ll be a very tasteful choice.

Firenze Red

If you’d like to be noticed a little more, then this brighter shade of red might be the one to have. It might not be to everyone’s tastes on a car this size, but we reckon the 550hp SVR looks great in it.

Special colours

When a manufacturer designates a paint finish as ‘premium’ or ‘special’ it often means it either contains a different sort of metal flake for a more unique finish, or sometimes that a pearlescent hue is added to make it stand out from the crowd just a little more. Range Rover offer four such shades for the Sport, and one colour exclusive to the SVR.


Aruba is a pale gold finish which, although it’ll catch the eye of some, looks a little too ‘golf club’ to us. We’d suggest this is a colour that is popular with the more mature buyer of the Sport.

Causeway Grey

Causeway grey is, in effect, very close to the three black finishes. If you like a stealthy look, then it’s hard to fault.

Barolo Black

For the ultimate mean and moody appearance, Barolo Black is the colour of choice. Up close it is the deepest shade of black available, which means that it works especially well with the sporty models. Flash some light on it and you get hints of deep red – adding lustre and depth to the paint finish.

Mariana Black

Mariana black has a very subtle blue tint only especially noticeable under bright light. Definitely one which needs to be kept sparkling clean to be fully appreciated.


This is certainly a shade that needs to be seen in person to fully do it justice. The metallic brown shade has a slight pearl-effect finish, so in the sunlight it has an almost yellowish-green quality to it. It compliments the more luxury-oriented models very well indeed.

Estoril Blue

This deep metallic royal blue shade certainly helps the giant Range Rover to stand out from the crowd, particularly because it is only available for the SVR performance model, so rarity is almost guaranteed.

BMW customers should note that the Land Rover Estoril Blue is a different shade of blue to the paint finish they offer with the same name.

Special roof finishes (£500)

For an extra £500, it is possible to have the roof painted in a different colour from the rest of the car. Silver, white, and black are available. The image above demonstrates a Yulong White body combined with a Santorini Black roof. The car in the image above also features black alloy wheels (£400) and the stealth pack (£1,300), which replaces the chrome brightwork with satin black trim.

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