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2015 Volvo XC90 prices and specification revealed

What’s this?

Be it the sporty Polestars or the good old racey 850R, Volvo sure knows how to differentiate its special models from the mundane ones.

But if the new XC90 is anything to go by, it appears that mundane has been firmly ousted from the Swedish brand’s line-up – and stunning has well and truly joined the firm. It’s 12 years since the first XC90, and this new version is notably more handsome. It is based on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), which is the brand’s modular platform that will underpin various other models in the future.

The new XC90 looks imposing, has Volvo’s new trademark grille and some eye-catching  daytime running lights that are said to resemble Thor’s hammer. Apparently. Adding to its butch looks are large wheels (you can get 22-inch wheels fitted directly from Volvo – we said they’re not doing mundane!) and the various character lines on the sides.

What’s under the bonnet?

Muscular looks aside, the new XC90 gets two engine options: the T6 petrol and the D5 diesel. Both feature all-wheel-drive systems and eight-speed automatic transmissions. There will also be a ‘Twin Engine’ hybrid variant that will use a turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine, as well as an electric motor. This ridiculously complex powertrain will produce 400hp but emit just about 60g/km of CO2. That’s the same power as a BMW M5 from 10 years ago, but with considerably better emissions than a Skoda Citigo.

What’s it like inside?

On the inside, the XC90 has a tablet PC-like touchscreen control system, through which the driver can control certain functions of the vehicle, and use the Internet-based services. Although it’s a seven-seater, Volvo claims that enough room is available for third row passengers up to 170cm tall. Another talking point about the XC90 is its Bowers & Wilkins audio system that comes complete with a 1,400 watt amplifier and 19 (yes, nineteen!) speakers.

Safety assured

And if you believe that a Volvo is incomplete if it doesn’t have any path-breaking safety systems, here’s a reason to be happy. This comes with not one but two of them! One is a run-off-road protection, which detects if the vehicle is about to leave the road and makes the necessary changes to prevent injuries. The other is a system that automatically activates the vehicle’s brakes in case the driver takes a wrong turn and faces oncoming traffic.

When can I get one?

The new XC90 will be shown to public at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, and dealers will start taking orders in October. The first deliveries are expected to begin in May 2015.

What will it cost?

The recommended pricing revealed by Volvo says that the D5 AWD version in the ‘Momentum’ trim will cost £45,000. Since Volvo was founded in the year 1927, there will be a total of (yep, you guessed it) 1927 individually numbered ‘First Edition’ cars made available only on Volvo’s website. The First Edition will be priced at £68,000 and can be bought once the online store opens on September 3.

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