BMW X1 colours guide and prices

The BMW X1 has had some radical changes for the second-generation model. There are five brand-new colours for the new model but, overall, there’s still the same number of shades to choose from – 12 in total and none are a bad choice.

If you’re taken with its SUV styling and Germanic quality check out the latest carwow offers on our BMW X1 deals page. For more information about what solid, metallic and pearl paints are, read our paint types guide.

Solid colours

Alpine White – £0

White looks good on the X1 because it contrasts well with the black cladding and the LED daytime running lights. Expect to have to wash and polish it on a regular basis but it’ll attract lots of attention on the classifieds.

Jet Black – £0

The darkest colour in the X1’s line-up – black is a very popular colour on German cars because it compliments their business-like appearance. Be careful when washing it because it’ll show swirl marks easier than other colours. It’ll be an easy sell on the used markets.

Metallic colours

Black Sapphire – £550

The second shade of black available for the X1. With its metallic properties, it’ll give the X1 a much classier appearance than standard Jet Black. Like the solid paint choice, it’ll show up swirls easily but it should be easy to sell on.

Mineral White – £550

Mineral white isn’t quite as bright as Alpine White but it’ll have a much more expensive look thanks to its sparkling metallic finish. We’re sure it’ll be a popular choice amongst used buyers meaning so it’ll be easy to sell. It will need washing regularly though.

Glacier Silver – £550

Glacier silver isn’t the most exciting colour around but it looks good and matches the car’s business-like character. It should be an easy sell on the classifieds but budget for regular visits to the car wash.

Sparkling Brown – £550

Sparkling brown is more interesting than the usual greys, blacks and silvers yet still looks understated. It won’t be the most popular colour choice amongst used buyers but shouldn’t be too hard to sell. You won’t need to wash it as often as other shades, though.

Mineral Grey – £550

Mineral grey suits the X1’s subtle appearance yet is a desirable colour for new and used buyers. It’ll sell like hot cakes on the used markets and it won’t need washing that often to keep it looking its best.

Atlantic Grey – £550

Similar to Mineral Grey above, Atlantic Grey has an extra hint of blue running through it. It makes the car look like any other conservative BMW yet is different enough to be eye-catching. Resale values should be high and regular trips to the car wash won’t be needed.

Sparkling Storm – £550

One of three browns available for the X1, Sparkling Storm is lighter than Sparkling Brown yet not as vibrant as Chestnut Bronze. It’s good for those who want to keep a low profile but don’t like the usual silvers, greys and blacks. It won’t be as popular as silver, greys and blacks on the used market but it should retain its value well.

Platinum Silver – £550

Platinum Silver will appeal to those who want a classy shade of grey without the colour being too dark or too light. Regular trips to the car wash won’t be necessary because grey generally hides road grime very well and used buyers will be keen to take it off you.

Mediterranean Blue – £550

A rich shade of blue, ideal for those not sold on the usual range of blacks, greys and silvers. It’ll sell well on the used car market and hide some road dirt up to a point so it won’t need lots of washing.

Chestnut Bronze – £550

Chestnut Bronze lighter than Sparkling Brown and has a hint of red in it. Like Sparkling Brown, it won’t need washing frequently but won’t be the first to sell to the used car market.

Exterior equipment

BMW offers a handful of exterior styling packs to help you further personalise the look of your X1.

Roof rails, high-gloss shadowline – £170

This adds a gloss finish to the standard black roof rails. It’s a classy option which makes the car look more expensive.

Roof rails, matte aluminium – £245

Matte aluminium coloured roof rails. Specify this on darker coloured models for maximum effect.

Exterior trim, high-gloss shadowline – £180

This adds black gloss finish to the window frames. We recommend specifying this with the high-gloss shadowline roof rails.

exterior trim, Satin aluminium – £195

This adds strips of chrome to the window frames. Like the matte aluminium roof rails, we recommend specifying this on darker coloured models for maximum effect.

What next?

Head over to our BMW X1 deals page to see how much carwow could help you save. For more information, take a look at our full review of the BMW X1 and the cars it needs to beat – the Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA and the Honda CR-V. Not sure what to buy? Take a look at our car chooser for help picking your next car.


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