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Ford Tourneo Connect colours guide and prices

December 11, 2015 by

The Ford Tourneo Connect is an affordable, elegant MPV offering stacks of room and excellent visibility from the cabin. The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is its big sibling with a seven-seat option. If you’ve set your heart on either of the Tourneo Connects, getting the exterior colour right will affect how often you’ll be cleaning your MPV and how quickly you’ll be able to sell it on when you need to.

Making a decision or even knowing where to start can seem bewildering. Our colours guide with relevant prices is here as a good starting point.

In total, you can take your pick from nine body colours, including three solid, three metallic, a Mica and two Design paint options, across all three of the model’s trim levels.

Save money on your new Ford Tourneo Connect using our deals page and read our paint types guide for helpful explanations of the range of finishes available.

Solid colours

Race Red – £0

This classic, bold Royal Mail scarlet is a popular shade that will help you spot your Tourneo in a packed car park. Red is one of the most popular car colours after monochrome, so selling on should be hassle-free – and we expect it to be popular with young kids!

Blazer Blue – £0

This navy is another smart, popular hue that should give your Tourneo Connect a classy finish and help it change hands briskly when you need to sell it. Equally, it’s quite a dark shade, so we’d anticipate it will last a fair old while between car wash visits or sessions with the bucket and sponge.

Frozen White – £0

This is a Persil-pure version of Britain’s best-loved motoring shade. A vehicle in this colour should sell on nice and quickly. What’s more, you’ll be pretty visible on the highway at the same time. And while many marques charge extra for white paint, Ford doesn’t on the Tourneo Connect. You will have to expect very regular cleaning, though, so bear this in mind if your weekly mileage is fairly significant.

Metallic colours

Magnetic – £360

This smoky grey should be an excellent choice as far as not showing up the grime of the road is concerned. Also, with a colour this smart and popular, you won’t be hanging around long for a buyer. Clearly, though, it won’t be the best choice if visibility on the road is especially important.

Moondust Silver – £360

This brushed steel hue will give your Tourneo a futuristic look, and it should do better than most in terms of both ease and speed of resale and on-road visibility. Its paleness, though, does mean you should expect pretty frequent washing for it to stay looking its best.

Deep Impact Blue – £360

This is a vivid, distinctive electric blue that may be a tad too bright for some but will give your drive plenty of colour. Selling a car in this shade should be easy enough, and we’d expect it to do a fair to middling job of lasting between cleans.

Mica colours

Shadow Black – £360

The Mica body paint gives a sleek, smart finish to your Ford Tourneo in a glossy, deep black. And it’s a smart choice in terms of selling on, black being one of the UK’s most sought-after car colours. But while darker colours generally conceal grime well, with black paint you can end up with unsightly swirl marks on some poorer quality car washes.

Design colours

Solar – £450

This is an unusual, distinctive mustard shade that will certainly make you stand out on the road and inject your motoring with some colour. It’s darker than it looks in the configurator image above, so it should hide grubbiness better than most. But this isn’t a colour everyone will love, so bear that in mind for reselling purposes.

Tectonic Silver – £450

This is a darker colour than the Moondust silver, so it should conceal grime a little longer – certainly for longer than a white model will. And it’s a smart, popular shade that will mean a hassle-free experience when the time comes to sell it on.

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