Toyota Supra vs BMW M4 drag race

July 07, 2020 by

It’s a David vs Goliath contest in this drag race, as the Toyota Supra sports car goes up against the bigger and brawnier BMW M4.

Tap the video below to see who wins.

While the 430hp BMW M4 is comfortably more powerful than the 340hp Toyota Supra, don’t go thinking the BMW has this head to head all wrapped up. Yes, it has far more power, but the BMW is also quite a bit heavier than the Supra (1,670kg vs 1,540kg), which could help keep the Toyota in the hunt. There isn’t much splitting the two in terms of torque, either; the 540Nm produced by the M4’s twin-turbo engine being only a smidge more than the Supra’s 500Nm.

To spice things up a bit, we haven’t brought a bone stock Toyota Supra along to take on the BMW. Instead, we’ve picked up the keys to a Supra that’s been upgraded by the tuning firm Eventuri, so it now produces a very healthy 440hp and a supercar-rivalling 678Nm of torque. And, while the new sports exhaust system might not have liberated that much more power from the car’s turbocharged six-cylinder engine, it does mean this Toyota now has a much meaner soundtrack than it did as standard.

Before you start thinking the balance has now swung fully in favour of the Toyota, it’s worth pointing out the modifications made by Eventuri are only for the engine. As a result, will all that extra power and torque make it harder to keep the wheelspin in check when the rear-wheel drive Supra launches off the line? And will the Toyota’s weight advantage be enough for it to beat the BMW and its sporty brakes in the emergency stop test?

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