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What is Audi S Line? Is it worth paying extra for?

What is Audi S Line?

S line is essentially just a trim level that makes your Audi look sportier outside and in. You can spec it on almost any Audi model, so you can have sporty looks in combination with an engine that’s (relatively) cheap to buy and run. Most manufacturers offer something similar; BMW has M Sport, Mercedes has AMG Line and Volkswagen has R-Line.

How much does S line trim cost?

There are thousands of combinations of Audi body shapes; petrol, diesel and hybrid engines; manual and automatic gearboxes; and front, rear and four-wheel drive systems – so there’s no hard and fast rule to exactly how much extra an S line model costs. But you can get an idea by looking at the extremes of the range. At the time of writing, S line trim will cost you an extra £3,100 on Audi’s smallest model, the A1, and is a £4,810 upgrade on the range-topping A8 – so the rest of the range will fall roughly within this price bracket.

Audi S Line – exterior upgrades

S line models looks sportier than basic cars but an easy hack to spotting them if you’re not an uber geek is the ’S line’ badge that you’ll usually find on the car’s wings next to its turn indicators.

You can go into more detail by looking at the A1 Sportbacks above – it’s a basic Sport model on the left and an S line on the right.

Next to the standard car, the A1 S line gets hunkered down sports suspension and larger alloy wheels – up from 15 to 17 inches – that do a better job of filling the car’s wheel arches and have wider, grippier tyres.  You also get an S line specific body kit with sportier front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a boot-mounted spoiler. The A1 Sportback gets scrolling indicators as standard, which light up in the direction that the car is turning, but they’re a cool feature that’s often reserved for S line versions of Audi’s other models.

Audi S Line – interior upgrades

S line cars’ interior upgrades are more subtle, but the pictures below show the interior of an A1 Sport on the left and an S line on the right.

The ’S line’ badges on the steering wheel, and on the sills when you open the doors, are an easy way of spotting them. In the A1 S line you also get black headlining, aluminium interior trims, and stainless steel metal pedals. The basic Delta Cloth upholstery is swapped for Pulse half-leather seats (really, it’s fake leather)  and you get additional interior lighting in areas like the car’s footwells.

Equipment levels also increase slightly with S line models coming with manual lumbar support for the front seats and rear parking sensors to help you squeeze into tight parking spaces.

Should I buy an Audi S Line model?

That comes down to personal preference – if you fancy sporty looks with an-ever-so-slightly sportier drive then, yes, S line is the trim for you. But, if you’d rather not make a statement and make your Audi as comfortable as possible – you’re better off sticking with a basic version. While S line cars obviously cost more, though, they also hold their value better and will be easier to sell privately come trade-in time.

Upgrade to S Line for free

Yes, it’s true, carwow offers brilliant discounts on almost all Audis – meaning you can have an S line version for the same price as a basic car bought elsewhere. Head to carwow’s Audi hub page to see exactly how much you can save buying via carwow.

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