Upcoming BMW M8 CSL spotted: What we know so far

May 20, 2021 by

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A track-focused CSL version of the BMW M8 looks to be testing at the Nurburgring. Read on for full details.

  • BMW M8 CSL spotted
  • Track-focused version of GT car
  • Aerodynamic bodywork tweaks
  • Giant rear wing
  • Weight-saving measures likely
  • Could see power boosted to 700hp

Could a BMW M8 CSL be on the horizon? New prototype cars spotted at the Nurburgring race circuit certainly seem to suggest so…

2022 BMW M8 CSL design

BMW says this prototype is to test some accessories, but don’t be so sure…

BMW has reportedly claimed this prototype is merely to test some accessories for the M8, though changes are suspiciously drastic compared with the standard car…

Up front, this rumoured BMW M8 CSL has a meshless grille that could be to improve cooling, along with a more pronounced carbon-fibre splitter for improved downforce.

The grille is devoid of mesh, which could be to improve engine cooling

Changes down the side include slotted vents on the rear window, perhaps to provide some cooling into the cabin if there’s no air conditioning, along with some carbon-fibre side skirts.

This BMW M8 CSL prototype sits pretty low compared with the standard car too, so expect there to be some trick new suspension hiding underneath.

Just look at the size of that wing

The back of the car is dominated by a huge rear wing, along with a revised diffuser that’s neatly covered up with camouflage. There’s a new light between the exhausts too, a bit like the one on the BMW M8 GTE race car.

2022 BMW M8 CSL interior

The M8 CSL will likely have a stripped-back interior compared with the standard car (pictured)

No images of the BMW M8 CSL’s interior have emerged, but you can expect it to be largely stripped back compared with the standard BMW M8.

This could include new carbon fibre trim elements, the option to delete infotainment and climate control, and perhaps even the removal of the rear seats. Black striping on the test car’s rear windscreen suggests BMW could be keen to disguise a few of these more radical changes, which could include a roll cage.

2022 BMW M8 CSL engine and performance upgrades

The engine of the M8 CSL could be boosted to as much as 700hp

If this is indeed a BMW M8 CSL, it’s likely there’ll be some fettling to the 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Power will be up from 625hp to potentially as much as 700hp.

It could use the same eight-speed automatic gearbox, albeit with some tweaks to improve its response time, and retain an all-wheel-drive setup. Suspension upgrades are on the table too, along with some chassis-stiffening measures and weight reduction.

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