2020 Mercedes E-Class: Price, specs and release date

Nick Lette van Oostvoorne
January 28, 2020

The new Mercedes E-Class will be revealed soon at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming BMW 5 Series alternative.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the new Mercedes E-Class:

  • Styling inspired by A-Class
  • Latest MBUX infotainment system
  • ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control fitted
  • Augmented-reality sat-nav
  • Upgraded cruise control
  • Improved blind-spot detection 
  • New fuel-saving hybrid engines
  • Car-to-X communications
  • Longer range for E300e hybrid 
  • Fast AMG E63 S model leaked

2020 Mercedes E-Class price and release date

Mercedes hasn’t confirmed how much the new E-Class will cost, but you can expect entry-level cars to set you back from around £40,000. Official prices should be announced after the car’s official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020.

2020 Mercedes E-Class styling

Mercedes hasn’t revealed the updated E-Class yet – for that you’ll have to wait for the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020 – but these pictures of a barely camouflaged prototype shows it’ll come with revised headlights, new bumpers and a remodelled rear end. 

The latter will draw inspiration from the horizontal brake lights on the latest A-Class while the new E-Class’ front will have a more aggressive down-turned grille and a set of revised headlights with a single (rather than double) strip of LED daytime running lights inside. 

2020 Mercedes E-Class interior

Subtlety is the order of the day inside the new Mercedes E-Class, too. The elegant sweeping dashboard remains and you’ll still be able to choose between a range of glossy plastic, metallic and un-varnished wooden trims to personalise your car’s cabin.

The interior of the current Mercedes E-Class Estate

Bigger changes come in the form of a new steering wheel (with touch-sensitive pads instead of buttons) and a revamped infotainment system featuring Mercedes’ latest MBUX features. This means you get the same futuristic-looking dual-screens as in the outgoing Mercedes E-Class, but with the added bonus of some fancy new tech. 

For instance, there’s a clever augmented reality sat-nav (which displays directions as giant arrows over a live video taken from a forward-facing camera) and the same ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice command system as in the smaller A-Class. The latter lets you adjust the cabin temperature, re-program the sat-nav and make phone calls without lifting a finger. Although this system isn’t as reliable as BMW’s Personal Assistant feature. 

Reportedly, Mercedes will also shake-up the E-Class range with new trim levels and specifications. These are yet to be confirmed, however. 

2020 Mercedes E-Class engines and driving

You’ll be able to get the Mercedes E-Class with a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, including an all-new 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit with a 20hp mild-hybrid system producing 292hp, designed to conform to stricter future emissions regulations.

There’ll also be a 367hp E450 model with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol unit assisted by a 20hp mild-hybrid system and an E300de diesel hybrid with more than 31 miles of electric range thanks to a bigger battery than in the outgoing car. 

The Mercedes E-Class’ comfort-focused suspension won’t see any dramatic changes, so you can expect the new car to be just as comfortable to drive as the outgoing version. 

It should, however, be even more relaxing to travel in thanks to an upgraded cruise control system that’ll adjust the car’s speed depending on upcoming traffic conditions. This system works through a clever Car-to-X communications system that lets cars warn each other about upcoming delays. 

There’s also an improved blind-spot warning system that can detect cyclists and pedestrians approaching when you’re parked and warn you not to open your door into their path. 

2020 Mercedes-AMG E63 S model leaked

You’re not just treated to sneak peeks of the new E-Class – its high-performance AMG-tuned E63 S sibling has broken cover in leaked photos, too. This twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 monster can be seen sporting four chrome-tipped square exhausts (instead of the outgoing car’s round items) and a subtle black boot lid spoiler. 

When this BMW M5 alternative goes on sale, expect it to produce more than 610hp and cost from at least £95,000. If super-fast saloons aren’t your thing, you’ll also be able to buy it as a more practical estate. 

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