2020 Mercedes E-Class: Price, specs and release date

Matthew Mills
May 16, 2019

The hyper-luxurious Mercedes E-Class saloon is in line to get a midlife update. Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming BMW 5 Series alternative.

  • Spotted

    2020 Mercedes E-Class luxury saloon

  • Specs include

    sleeker-looking front and dual-screen infotainment system

  • Price and release date

    from £36,000; 2020

2020 Mercedes E-Class price and release date

The 2020 Mercedes E-Class will be a high-end, well-equipped saloon, with alternatives that include the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. As such, its entry-level price will likely be around £36,000. At the top of the E-Class range will be the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, which you can expect to tickle the £95,000 mark.

The 2020 Mercedes E-Class saloon is expected to arrive next year.

2020 Mercedes E-Class specs

The 2020 Mercedes E-Class update will alter a number of exterior features. At the front, you can expect the headlights to be overhauled, likely possessing a thinner, leaner look to bring the car in line with models like the Mercedes A-Class. Also similar to the A-Class will be a sleeker, redesigned grille. The design of the front bumper is expected to transform, too. At the back, you’ll find another new bumper, as well as reshaped taillights.

With kit and conveniences being so important for luxury saloons such as this, you can expect the 2020 Mercedes E-Class to have a totally revised infotainment system. It will get Mercedes’s MBUX setup. This system – already in place in the A-Class and expected to also appear in the upcoming new C-Class – bridges the driver’s display and central infotainment touchscreen, creating a dual-monitor layout. Both screens will be seven inches as standard, although you should be able to upgrade one or both to a 10.25-inch diameter as an extra. Standard specifications for the MBUX system will include DAB radio, handsfree voice controls and a built-in satnav. The downside is that, in the A-Class, it isn’t Android Auto- or Apple CarPlay-compatible – hopefully, that will change for the new E-Class.

The 2020 Mercedes E-Class is expected to be equipped with mild hybrid technology. By combining an electric motor with the combustion engine, the E-Class should not only be more fuel-efficient, but faster, too.

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