Five cool features of the new Suzuki Swift

April 03, 2024 by

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The all-new Suzuki Swift is here, and it’s packed with clever new features. Here’s five cool things about this new small hatchback. 

This is the all-new Suzuki Swift, a small hatchback which will go toe-to-toe with the new MG 3 Hybrid. The Swift has a lot going for it, including an efficient petrol engine and a generous spec list.

With that said, here are five things to note about the new Suzuki Swift.

1) It’s cheap

The new Suzuki Swift starts from £18,699, which is just a few hundred pounds more than the new MG 3 Hybrid. That may not seem too impressive on paper, a Renault Clio is around £1,000 cheaper, however the Swift starts to make sense when you look at the standard equipment list.

Even the basic Motion model comes fully loaded. You get LED headlights, a reversing camera, wireless Apple CarPlay, keyless entry and even adaptive cruise control as standard. If you wanted all that kit on a Clio then you’d have to pay almost £21,000 for the range-topping version.

2) It’s light

In a world where cars are getting increasingly heavier, the new Suzuki Swift still comes in at under a tonne. It may be around 40kg heavier than the car it replaces, however at just 948kg it’s 226kg lighter than a Renault Clio, and a Toyota Yaris is almost 200kg heavier. Even the no-nonsense Dacia Sandero is carrying an extra 125kg over the Swift.

But why should you care? Well there are a couple of good reasons why less weight is a good thing. It makes the car more fun to drive on a twisty road for starters. More importantly though, having less mass to lug around helps improve fuel efficiency, which leads us on to…

3) The hybrid engine

All versions of the Suzuki Swift come with a 1.2-litre petrol engine with mild hybrid technology to help boost efficiency. This uses what Suzuki calls an Integrated Starter Generator, or ISG for short, which can store energy through regenerative braking and then use it to assist the engine when pulling away.

The result of this is a claimed 59.7 mpg. That’s almost 6mpg more than the petrol version of the Renault Clio, and it’s up on the Skoda Fabia’s 56mpg figure as well.

4) You can have all-wheel drive

Joining the Swift lineup later in the year will be an all-wheel drive version with a manual gearbox, making it the only small car to offer this combination outside of the bonkers Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch.

You won’t get Suzuki Jimny levels of off-road performance, but having all-wheel drive is a confidence booster for those who live down muddy farm tracks and driving in the snow should be easier as well.

5) It’s available with a seven-year warranty

The term seven-year warranty may bring Kia to mind. Well you can now get your Suzuki Swift with the same level of cover if you get it serviced within the dealer network.

After the standard three-year warranty runs out, you can get an extra year of coverage each time you book a routine service at a Suzuki dealer for up to seven years or 100,000 miles. Toyota offers a similar service-activated warranty, although it will cover you for up to 10 years.

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