Renault Captur interior

The Renault Captur’s simple, intuitive dashboard layout makes everything dead easy to use, but bland trims in entry-level models do little to lift the spirits on a rainy commute


The Captur got soft-touch dashboard plastics in the 2017 update

The Renault Captur’s interior design uses a variety of shapes to give it a youthful appearance, but plastic quality is patchy and an Audi Q2 has better fit and finish.

Perhaps give the Renault Capture entry-level cars a miss, because they get lumbered with dull, unattractive cabins. They have a black and white LCD stereo display and boring grey plastic trim pieces. The black upholstery hides marks but does the aesthetics no favours – it’s worth specifying the £100 Arizona-orange seats if you like your interiors bold and vibrant.

Iconic trim cars have a less cluttered dashboard thanks to their seven-inch colour infotainment screen and climate control system that uses fewer knobs than the basic air-conditioning you get in entry-level models. The seat covers are removable too, so stains that can’t be removed with elbow grease can be dispatched to the washing machine for a proper going over. GT Line cars are exactly the same inside, aside from having a leather-trimmed steering wheel and a bit more chrome.

The Captur’s minimalist cabin feels pretty smart in high-spec cars, but rather bizarrely the Bluetooth controls for your phone look like a sheep’s hoof…

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The basic stereo’s black and white display is an ugly thing to look at, but it ticks the boxes in terms of basic specs – it comes with a Bluetooth phone connection for music streaming and hands-free calls, plus USB and Aux plugs. Satellite navigation isn’t included, but all is not lost because the Renault Captur comes with a phone cradle so you can safely use your phone’s navigation system. Renault’s R&Go app means you can also control the stereo via your phone and view driving data information.

Iconic models come with a fully integrated Media Nav sat-nav system operated through a seven-inch screen. It can give information on traffic and includes a reversing camera in S Nav models. It’s also fitted with Renault’s Driving Eco2 system, which can coach you to drive the Captur more economically.

R-Link is the top-of-the-range infotainment system fitted to GT Line models. It can connect to the internet via your phone and has real-time traffic updates to update its routes on the fly to get you from A to B as quickly as possible. But, like the cheaper system, it does occasionally spring direction changes on you at the last possible moment.

Entry-level cars come with a basic two-speaker stereo and Iconic models get a four-speaker system. GT Line models come with a six-speaker 140W stereo but the sound quality isn’t that brilliant.

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