Renault Captur interior

The Renault Captur now looks and feels much better inside than before, but although its infotainment has improved too, there are still better systems available in other small SUVs.


Big-selling small SUVs all seem to have one thing in common – great personalisation options. There are 90 different external colour combinations possible on the Captur, while inside you’ll find 18 ways to have the interior too.

As standard the Captur’s dashboard design is interesting and the materials used good quality, while its new seats are comfy but look great too. There are various cheap option packs that add flashes of colour to the dash, door panels, air vents and gear lever surrounds in red, blue and orange and give the cabin a personal touch.

Entry-level Play and mid-level Iconic models get cloth seats and a synthetic-leather steering wheel, but range-topping S cars come with faux-leather seats and a real leather wheel instead.

Another interesting feature is Renault’s floating centre console on automatic models, which not only looks cool but also leaves a handy cubby beneath for storing things. Manual models don’t get this feature as the gear lever must extend down to the gearbox below.

Renault has done a great job with the Captur's interior design and quality, it certainly looks more interesting than a T-Cross inside

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Entry and mid-level Capturs get a 7-inch portrait infotainment system without built-in sat-nav but featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as DAB radio and Bluetooth. Mid-level Iconic then adds built-in sat-nav to this same system. Then, range-topping S models get a larger 9.3-inch system with sat-nav.

In all cases, the native menus and response times don’t live up the better systems in other small SUVs, while it also has rather small onscreen buttons which can prove tricky to hit confidently while driving. Not surprisingly, plugging in your Apple or Android phone will make everything much easier to use.

Renault’s digital dials, available optionally on S trim, are also less visually impressive and configurable than in alternatives. As standard Play and Iconic models get a small 4-inch colour screen between their dials with trip info, which grows to 7 inches on S Edition models. We wouldn’t bother spending extra on the full digital set.

And if you aren’t too bothered about your music the Captur’s standard system will handle things just fine. For those who want more an upgraded Bose sound system is available as an option with nine speakers and a punchy subwoofer. Importantly, it sounds fantastic.

Available trims

Renault Captur
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