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Best 4-seater sports cars of 2022

Sports cars are great fun, especially if you have your friends or family along for the ride. That’s why our carwow experts have picked some of the very best 4-seater sports cars out there. After all, sharing is caring.

porsche 911

1. Porsche 911

carwow price from
£1,002* / month
bmw M3

2. BMW M3

carwow price from
£1,059* / month (£74,382)
alfa-romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

3. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

carwow price from
£800* / month (£69,014)
porsche Taycan

4. Porsche Taycan

Battery range up to 285 miles
carwow price from
£841* / month
nissan GT-R

5. Nissan GT-R

carwow price from
£1,063* / month
bmw M240i

6. BMW M240i

carwow price from
£541* / month (£45,688)
audi e-tron GT

7. Audi RS e-tron GT

Battery range up to 298 miles
carwow price from
£915* / month (£81,920)

8. Mercedes-AMG SL

toyota GT86

9. Toyota GT86


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If you’re after a thoroughly modern and capable daily driver that just happens to perform like a sports car, then the BMW M240i at a starting price of £45,795 is an ideal choice. The Ford Mustang GT is a bit of a left-field choice but delivers strong performance thanks to its characterful V8 engine, and it can be had with a manual gearbox, prices start at £48,995.

Another superb and cost-effective choice is the Toyota GT86. It may not have neck-snapping acceleration, but it offers a lot of driving enjoyment and run-out models should be available from just over £23,000. Its replacement, the GR86, will offer a bit more power and tech, so may be worth the wait with prices expected to start at around £28,000.

The ageing Toyota GT86 is currently one of the very cheapest 4-seater sports cars you can buy, with prices starting from just over £23,000. While the Mini Cooper isn’t technically a sports car, it’s a feisty little 4-seater hot hatch that delivers a similarly exhilarating drive to the GT86, and in its mid-range Cooper S guise starts at £22,205.

For something a bit more modern than the GT86, the base Audi TT Coupe offers strong performance and a modicum of practicality thanks to a pair of very small rear seats. Prices start at £33,765 which just undercuts the recently launched BMW 2 Series in its base form. The newer BMW has a more advanced infotainment system though, and being rear-wheel-drive gives it a dynamic advantage in the corners.

In terms of top speed, the Bentley Continental GT Speed is capable of 208mph which is quicker than just about any other production 4-seater sports car. However, its 0-62mph time of 3.6-seconds is bettered by a handful of cars, including the BMW M5 CS which can complete the benchmark sprint in 3.0-seconds. But, like most German sports cars, it has a 155mph electronically limited top speed.

There are a number of sporty 4-seater convertibles out there, including the BMW M4 Competition Convertible, Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster and Bentley Continental Convertible. You can also have the Ford Mustang GT with a folding fabric roof, which really lets you enjoy the V8 soundtrack. 

The Porsche 911 can be had in both Cabriolet and Targa versions, with the former offering a fabric folding top and the latter a steel roof section that electronically descends into the rear of the car. Both are great for sunny days, while still retaining a sharp driving feel.