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Audi TT Dimensions & Space

RRP from
Boot (seats up)
292 - 305 litres
Boot (seats down)
700 - 712 litres
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Passenger space

The TT’s front seats are supportive, comfortable and have enough adjustment to make sure you’ll get comfortable whether you’re tall or short. Both front seats come with manual height adjustment as standard but four-way adjustable lumbar support for the driver – to help reduce backache on long journeys – is only available on S line models and above.

Things are significantly less spacious in the back – even children will struggle to squeeze into the leather-trimmed diving bell Audi calls the TT’s rear seats. Legroom is cramped – even for a sports car – and headroom is so tight you’ll have to be careful not to slam the boot lid too hard for fear of smashing the rear windscreen on your passengers’ heads.

If by some miracle you convince two smaller friends to climb in the back they’ll find the TT’s wide body actually offers decent shoulder room. Unfortunately, there’s barely enough space to squeeze your toes under the front seats so they’ll be complaining within minutes.

Audi fits the rear bench with two Isofix points as standard but squeezing a child seat through the gap between the door and the front seat is very difficult – it’s much easier to use the mounts in the front passenger seat instead. The anchor points are clearly marked and the doors open wide enough to make fitting the seat base relatively easy – you will have to stoop down to strap in a child if you’re tall, however.

Storage space

The TT’s cabin isn’t exactly awash with practical cubby holes but that’s hardly surprising given its sporty ambitions. You’ll probably be having too much fun driving the TT to stop for a coffee anyway but, if you do, there’s a cupholder in the centre console and a second folding holder hidden in the storage bin under the armrest.

The door bins are big enough to hold a litre bottle each and the glovebox is fairly roomy, too. There’s a storage tray ahead of the gear lever for your phone that’s offered with wireless charging and signal boosting features as part of the optional £1,495 Technology pack.

Boot space

The TT’s 305-litre boot is quite tight – even for a small sports car. Its large hatchback-style boot opening makes it easier to load large items than in the BMW 2 Series, however, and there’s enough space with the rear seats and parcel shelf fitted to carry a baby stroller and a few soft bags.

The rear seats fold in a 50:50 split, opening up a much more practical 712 litres of space – you’ll have to remove a small secondary parcel shelf to reach the rear seat catches, however. The boot floor is completely flat so it’s easy to slide in heavy items right to the front – once you’ve lifted them over the sizeable boot lip.

A bike will just about slide in – if you remove the front wheel – and there’s room for a large TV box and a collection of small suitcases and soft bags. There’s a pair of handy tether points in the boot but no additional cubby holes or underfloor storage. Overall, the TT’s reasonably practical for such a small sports car – providing you don’t plan on carrying any passengers in the back.