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January 13, 2016 by

Space is an important consideration when you’re picking a new car – whether you need a boot that’ll swallow up the weekly shop with room for the pram or you’re simply after a spacious and airy cabin, picking the one that meets your needs best can be tough.

From supermini to executive saloon, we’ve compiled a list of 10 cars with impressive interior dimensions. Remember to save money on your new car by checking out our deals page – you’ll get great offers from approved dealers across the country.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

The Citroen Berlingo Multispace is showing its age a little, but as a truly versatile vehicle it still takes some beating. Up front you’re reminded that the car is based on a van – there’s oodles of space between the seats and you’re treated to a high driving position.

Choose the five-seat model and you shouldn’t get any complaints from the rear passengers and, while there’s room aplenty for occupants, the Berlingo comes into its own if you need a load lugger – the vast boot is complimented by cubby holes and overhead lockers.

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Dacia Logan MCV

The Dacia Logan MCV offers a ridiculous amount of space for a small sum – you can bag yourself a Logan from as little as £6,995 and, while you’re reminded of its cheap and cheerful approach by the spartan and plastic-filled interior, its spacious nature makes up for any shortcomings.

There’s no shortage of legroom for rear passengers and, thanks to its high roof, 900mm of rear headroom puts it among the best in class. With 573 litres of space, the boot is even more impressive – you won’t get more space for less. You’ll have to opt for a high-spec model to get any creature comforts though –  basic models don’t even get rear head rests.

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Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is an award-winning car, in part thanks to its roomy, well-equipped interior and humungous boot. Front passengers get an impressive 1,468mm of elbow room and combined with the luxuriously-appointed interior, it’ll be comfortable on even the longest of drives.

If you prefer to travel in the back, things are even more refined – an astounding 840mm of room lies between the front and rear seats – that’s on par with much pricier luxury saloons. What’s more, a boot offering 625 litres of capacity means it outdoes the likes of the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo too.

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BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 5 Series GT takes the characteristics of its smaller sibling and transfers them into a bigger package. Interior quality and layout is just like any other 5 Series, but a bigger wheelbase and higher roof mean a noticeable difference of interior space.

1,000mm of headroom up front and 990mm in the back mean you’re guarenteed a cramp-free ride but, after this abundance of cabin space, the boot is somewhat of a let down – at 500 litres it’s by no means small, but shy of some similarly-sized rivals. That said, it makes this list thanks to its opulent, but above all gigantic cabin.

Land Rover Discovery

Among its many talents the Land Rover Discovery’s imposing nature makes it one of the roomiest seven-seaters on the market. Being well over 2,000mm in width, all occupants will be sure to have enough elbow room, and the first five all benefit from over 1,000mm of headroom too.

Even the rear-most passengers get 983mm of headroom, but fold them down and you’ll reveal a whopping 1,280 litres of boot space. Fold all the rear seats away and you’ll have a luggage bay of over 2,500 litres – that’s more than some small vans can manage. While prices start at a hefty £41,600, it’s one of the versatile cars available.

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Ford B-Max

Considering the Ford B-Max uses the underpinnings of the smaller Fiesta, it’s a marvel of packaging – while room in the back can’t quite compete with some others on this list, a lofty driving position and clever sliding doors make it feel much bigger than it actually is.

There’s ample space in the front, while rear passengers won’t feel they’re lacking in legroom – the rear bench seat is endlessly adjustable so you’ll always be able to find the perfect compromise between legroom and boot space. The sliding rear doors are particularly useful in car parks and give the interior an airy feel too.

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Ssangyong Turismo

The Ssangyong Turismo offers more space than any car on this list, but its quirky looks and unpopularity means it isn’t the go-to choice for most people. If you can put up with the styling, you’ll get an enormous seven-seat car for the price of many mid-range saloons.

At over five metres long, passengers are treated to an unbelievable amount of room while the 2-2-3 seating set up makes it a versatile family vehicle too – there’s enough width to walk between the middle seats. Combined with a staggering 675 litres of boot space, even with the rear-most seats in place you’ll be hard pressed to run out of room.

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Mercedes B-Class

The Mercedes B-Class delivers German saloon levels of refinement with the space of a large MPV. If you’re a fan of the A-Class, you’ll be glad to know the interior is very similar – the difference being space – 1,047mm headroom and over 1,400mm of shoulderoom ensure that the front passengers will have plenty of stretching room.

The bulbous roof means rear occupants get a similar allowance – 983mm of headroom and over 1,300mm of shoulder room. While passenger room is in abundance, the boot does fall behind others in its class, but with 486 litres to play with, it certainly isn’t miniscule.

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Ford Tourneo Connect

Like the Berlingo, the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect started life as a van – while you’ll need the Grand Tourneo for seven seats, the smaller version is otherwise just as practical. The towering roof means headroom isn’t even worth a mention, while the rear seats are mounted on rails giving you all the flexibility you’ll ever want.

Despite outwardly appearances, it drives better than the commercial vehicle it’s based upon – but what it gains in refinement, it doesn’t lose in practicality – even with the rear seats in place, expect an abundance of boot space along with a plethora of handy storage compartments.

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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a supermini with rivals such as the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo. It outdoes these alternatives for both legroom and headroom – infact it boasts the most spacious cabin in its class.

115mm of rear legroom puts it on par with much larger, executive saloons. As long as you carry no more than four people on a regular basis, it’s hard to find a more capacious, well-built and highly specced car than the Jazz. It’s the same story in the boot – 354 litres puts it among the class leaders and outdoes the pricier Ford Focus by quite a margin.

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