Mk7 VW Golf Release Date - Timeline

Timeline from when the new Golf Mk7 will go on sale, including when first deliveries are due and when to expect further Golf models such as the GTI and Estate.

October 2012 - Mk7 Golf announced with prices and engine details unveiled
November 2012 - Mk7 Golf order books open (10% Golf Mk7 Deals available through carwow)
January 2013 - First Golfs arriving in dealer showrooms for test drives and viewings
February 2013 - First deliveries to UK customers, dont expect cars to be in stock and available to buy right away though, these will be deliveries to the earliest customer orders
March 2013 - Deliveries if a order was placed this month. In time for the new 13 registration plate.
Summer 2013 - Golf GTI expected to be announced. (More Golf Mk7 GTI details)
Autumn 2013 - First Golf GTI deliveries expected
Autumn 2013 - Mk7 Golf Estate expected to be announced, spyshots of test vehicles have already been spotted. Potentially along with the slightly larger Golf Plus
Golf Mk7 Blue UK rear
There are rumours too of a replacement for the Golf Cabriolet that will come soon, thought wed expect that to be a few years off as the Golf Cab only launched in 2011.
Other Golf models which are expected, but are too far off to predict a launch date, include a hardcore Golf R. Another persistent rumour is a 4 door saloon version, though perhaps not in the UK, as small saloons havent historically done well here.
Factory order times are currently 12-14 weeks, though dealers expect these to rise for orders placed in January when potential buyers have seen the car in the flesh. Historically there has always been a price rise too on the 1st January, which could increase the cost by as much as couple of hundred pounds, so it's wise to get orders in before the New Year.
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