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Ford Focus RS colours guide and prices

September 18, 2015 by

The all-new Ford Focus RS is now available to order and is one of the fastest cars you can buy for less than £30,000. From as little as £28,940, you get a 0-62mph time of 4.7 seconds and a remarkable top speed of 165mph.

However fast your car is, an important choice is always the colour. Here’s our guide of the RS-specific hues. Read our aggregated review of the new Focus RS, or see our car paint types guide to understand the difference between solid, metallic and special paints.

Stealth solid (£0)

This is the only no cost option but that’s no bad thing – the aptly named Stealth isn’t offensive so it shouldn’t be a problem to sell on the used market. This gunmetal grey colour is great for hiding grime, so you shouldn’t need to visit the car wash too often.

Frozen white solid (£250)

This is a pure white colour and it suits the RS well. Once the reserve of vans, white is now a popular colour for even the most expensive cars – this’ll mean it’ll hold its value when you come to sell it on. The only downside is you’ll have to clean it regularly if you want it looking its best.

Magnetic metallic (£525)

Unlike solid Stealth grey, Magnetic is a metallic colour so the hue appears brighter under sunlight. It isn’t the most exciting colour you can go for but, being metallic, it’ll be popular on the used car market. Being a darker shade, it’ll also hide any dirt well.

Shadow Black pearlescent (£525)

Black makes any car look menacing, and the RS is no exception. The pearlescent paint means it’ll disguise small scratches well but you might have trouble hiding road grime. Like many black finishes, there’ll be a constant stream of used buyers waiting to take it off your hands.

Nitrous Blue Special metallic (£745)

This is the most expensive option, but potentially the one that suits the RS best – it resembles the louder colours of previous RS versions and is definitely one for the extroverts among you. This bright blue will need regular washing though, because it’ll show up dirt really easily. Although not monochrome, it should hold its value well when you want to sell it on.

What next?

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