Mitsubishi ASX colours guide with prices

November 03, 2015 by

The Mitsubishi ASX is a well-equipped crossover offering decent cabin space and great value. If it’s the car you’ve set your heart on, and you’re at the stage of choosing its colour, your decision will impact ease and speed of resale and how often you’ll have to clean it.

The ASX is available in three trim levels with the same paint options available for each – one solid, two pearl and four metallic colours. Spec up a Mitsubishi ASX in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Don’t forget to look at our car paint types guide for an explanation of the differences between finishes.

Solid colours

Frost White – £0

Few colours are as popular with UK motorists, so selling on a model in this pure white shade ought to be a piece of cake. The only snag, of course, is how often you’ll be getting out a sponge to keep it dirt free.

Metallic colours

Cool Silver – £500

This is a mid-range silver that’s highly popular with British used car buyers meaning selling on should be a swift process. It will last marginally longer between washes than a white ASX, but will still need plenty of scrubbing to keep it looking good.

Granite Brown – £500

This is a silvery brown shade that’s sure to be exclusive – it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so be braced for potential delays when selling on. On the plus side, the inevitable grime of the highway will stay concealed for a long time before you need to clean it.

Orient Red – £500

This metallic red is colourful without being outlandish. Red is a fairly popular colour, but monochrome vehicles may change hands a tad more briskly. It will do a fairly average job of hiding grubbiness between cleans.

Atlantic Grey – £500

This shade’s darker than the Cool Silver, although not as dark as the Granite Brown. It’s another smart, sought-after hue that shouldn’t to give you any headaches when the time comes to sell on. It should do pretty well in terms of how long you can get away without cleaning it, too, so would be suitable if your mileage tends to be heavy.

Pearl colours

White Pearl – £500

The pearlescent sheen adds more depth than the pure white above. This should be one of the easiest hues to sell on, as well. But, as with all white cars, you’ll also be cleaning it more than any other shade.

Amethyst Black – £500

This is a smart jet black that would make a great choice for corporate fleets, and the pearl effect paint adds to the glossiness. Finding a buyer for such a sought-after hue ought not pose any difficulties at all. While darker shades generally hide dirt well, black is an exception to that rule. Be careful with poorer quality car washes, which can leave unattractive swirl marks in their wake.

Save money on your Mitsubishi ASX

Put one in our Mitsubishi ASX configurator to work out how much you could save by buying yours from carwow. If you’re still making your mind up, our frequently refreshed car chooser tool or new car deals page will be able to help.