Nissan Micra colours guide and prices

January 14, 2016 by

The Nissan Micra is a city car offering low running costs and a hassle-free driving experience. If you’re buying one, you’ll need to choose its paint colour, bearing in mind how easy it’ll be to sell on and how often you’ll have to clean it.

It’s offered in 10 paint colours include one solid, seven metallic and two pearlescent shades, all of which are available across all trim levels. If you find the different types of paint finish a little confusing, our handy car paint types guide is here to help.

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Solid colours

Alabaster White – £0

This is a dazzling white that’s a very desirable choice. Its popularity means you won’t struggle to find a used buyer for it and, while many marques charge extra for white, it’s free on the Micra. The inevitable downside, however, is that it’ll require very frequent cleaning to stay looking good.

Metallic colours

Platinum Sage – £525

This interesting hue brings together gold and green for a distinctive look. As a slightly more unusual colour, you might find it takes a little longer to resell than a more conventional shade. This colour isn’t dissimilar to built up road grime so frequent cleaning won’t be needed.

Tungsten Grey – £500

This mid-spectrum grey looks smart and shouldn’t scare off many future buyers. As a darker shade, it should hide road grime fairly well meaning fewer visits to the car wash than a lighter hue.

Universal Silver – £500

This is a light silver that’s perennially popular, so will be a hit with prospective use purchasers. The obvious snag – its paleness means pretty frequent washing, so it won’t be the most practical choice if you cover high mileages.

Shiraz – £500

This red is one of the Micra’s boldest colours so will suit extroverts well. Red is fairly popular with UK car buyers – especially on smaller cars – so you shouldn’t be waiting too long for it to change hands. It offers moderate grime concealing performance.

Nightshade – £500

This colour is an intense, dark purple that should do pretty well at concealing the road dirt. It’s an unusual colour, so it might take a little longer than more conventional colours to change hands on the used market.

Sapphire Black – £500

This pitch black will give your Micra a sophisticated finish. Black is a sensible choice because it’s easy to sell on to the used market. It won’t hide dirt well, however, and be wary of cheaper car washes – they can leave unsightly swirl marks behind.

Ocean Blue – £500

This vivid electric blue is another great choices for extroverts. Blue is generally a well-liked shade, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince a used buyer to take it. We’d anticipate moderate dirt-hiding performance from this hue.

Pearl metallic colours

Pacific Blue – £700

This is an aquamarine shade, with turquoise tones. It’s a fairly unusual hue, so won’t sell as quickly to used buyers as darker colours. Its lightness will also mean you’ll need to clean it more often than other colours.

Pearl White – £700

This pearlescent white has more depth than Alabaster White and will give your Micra a sophisticated appearance that ought to make it easy to sell on. Like Alabaster, however, every last speck of grime will show up very speedily so budget for plenty of car washes.

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