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Nissan X-Trail colours guide and prices

The Nissan X-Trail is the largest SUV the company sells in the UK. It looks like a Qashqai that’s eaten a few too many pies – which is no bad thing because it gets the same chiseled looks and sculpted flanks as its sibling.

But what colour suits it and, more importantly, you the best? We’re here to help you pick. Choosing the right colour for your car can make a world of difference.

The correct shade will look good long after you’ve cleaned it and will be easy to sell once you’ve finished with it. The wrong colour will forever look dirty and will be roundly ignored on the used car forecourt.

Take a look at our paint types guide to demystify the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent paints.

Solid colours

The most basic type of paint and, as a result, often the cheapest. Solid colours tend to only appear as one shade regardless of where you’re standing or how the light hits it.

Chilli Pepper Red – £0

This is the only free colour available with the X-Trail. It’s a nice shade of red that’s neither too dark nor too light. Like many bolder colours, it’ll start to look grubby fairly quickly if you don’t keep on top of cleaning it, so budget for a few trips to the car wash. It won’t be as easy to sell on as blacks and silvers but at least it’s not bright yellow…

Metallic colours

Metallic hues have tiny flecks of metal embedded in the paint. These flecks catch the light at different angles depending on where you’re viewing them from. As a result, metallic colours look much deeper than solid ones and are more desirable because of it.

Universal Silver – £550

This shade of silver, like the name implies, should have pretty universal appeal. Silver is an easy colour to sell to the used market and isn’t likely to go out of fashion any time soon. It’ll show up the worst road grime, however, so make sure you keep on top of the cleaning regime. A straightforward and hassle-free colour.

Gun Metallic – £550

Like silver, gunmetals or dark greys are very popular. This means your Gun Metallic X-Trail will be easy to shift onto the used market once you’re finished with it. Definitely not one for the extroverts among you because this shade will ensure no one takes a second look at you – which is exactly what some buyers want. It’ll hide road dirt with the best of them.

Ebisu Black – £550

Ebisu is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck and so, naturally, was the obvious name for Nissan’s shade of black. Black is one of the most straightforward colours to own because it’ll always sell easily on the used market, it tends to look classy and it covers road muck well. The only risk with black is swirl marks from amateur car washers.

Haptic Blue – £550

Fans of blue aren’t well served by the X-Trail’s colour line-up. This shade is the only one offered and it’s quite dark and understated – for some, this’ll be exactly what they want – for others, they might prefer something more outlandish. It’ll sell on the used market without hassle and it’ll be problem-free to keep clean.

Titanium Olive – £550

This has to go down as one of the weirdest names given to a colour by a manufacturer (Vauxhall Adam’s colour chart notwithstanding). It looks quite rich in the configurator image, but in the real world it tends more towards khaki. It won’t be as easy to sell as more muted shades but, at least, it’ll be easy to keep looking clean.

Copper Blaze – £550

In opposition to Titanium Olive, we don’t think the configurator image does Copper Blaze justice. In real life photos, Copper Blaze has much more of a rich orange hue to it that really comes to life when the light catches it. It won’t be the easiest to sell on and it’ll cost you a few extra trips to the car wash, but it juxtaposes the X-Trail’s size perfectly.

Pearlescent colours

Like metallic colours, pearlescent ones have small elements embedded in the paint but, unlike metallic finishes, these elements are small coloured crystals. Not only do they reflect the light but they also refract it to create new colours depending on how you view it.

Storm White – £725

White is a popular colour right now so, if it’s up your street, you’d be forgiven for wanting the most expensive colour in the X-Trail’s arsenal. Naturally, it’ll be a pain to keep clean meaning off-roading is out of the question but, provided buyers’ tastes don’t change, it’ll be easy to sell on – although, you might not recover the extra cost of the paint.

On the right X-Trail

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Nissan X-Trail (2014-2017)

Seven-seater SUV is easy to drive and spacious
£20,860 - £37,375
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